Industries Served

    Discover tight-tolerance, high-performance alloys from the experts in industrial metal solutions. At voestalpine Specialty Metals North America, we provide a vast array of metal grades for industries with demanding specifications.

    Oil & Gas

    Our advanced copper alloys, nickel alloys, and high-performance steels deliver exceptional corrosion resistance for extreme operating environments. Find the ideal materials characteristics for applications in offshore oil rigs, productions facilities, pipelines, refineries, and petrochemical manufacturers.


    North America’s leading aerospace companies depend on precision-engineered metals with incredible tensile strength, environmental resistance, and durability. Find specialized steels, titanium-based alloys, aluminum alloys (including 7000 series), and nickel alloys for rocket engines, aircraft engines, and other applications.

    Mechanical Engineering

    Create products that push the envelope with specialty metals that do the same. We work with premium and hard-to-find alloys, from high-speed steels to titanium products.


    Our customer-centric, highly specialized alloy solutions benefit clients in the energy industry. We help teams select the right metal alloys for mining, hydroelectric power generation, wind turbines, solar power components, and energy infrastructure needs.

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