Elisabeth Matz: Global Markets and Family Life: Insights into the Dynamic Work Environment at voestalpine

Elisabeth Matz shares her 18-year tenure at Voestalpine, reflecting on the company’s dynamic evolution and her role in the export sector. She emphasizes the cultural support, technological advancements, and the delicate balance between professional life and motherhood amidst industry-specific challenges


Elisabeth, what motivates you in your daily work, and which aspects of your job at Voestalpine do you find particularly fulfilling?

Working in the export sector, I have managed various markets over the years. It’s exciting and diverse to collaborate with people from different countries and cultures. No day is the same. As a global company, Voestalpine continually faces new situations due to current global developments. For instance, new import regulations and sanctions in certain countries impact our employees’ daily work. There are always new challenges to overcome, which makes our work very engaging.

Having been with Voestalpine for over 18 years, how do you think the company has changed in recent years?

After my schooling, I immediately entered the workforce and joined Voestalpine. Over the years, much has changed. Eighteen years is a long time, during which new technologies, programs, IT tools, and optimized work processes have been developed, and none of these changes have passed me by.

Voestalpine has evolved positively, particularly in its openness to new technologies. A major concern of the corporation is to support employees in their daily work, for example, by introducing digitalization in our area through the “AIISA” program. This program significantly eases our daily administrative work, allowing us more space and time to address the changing concerns of our customers. In addition, CRM and SAP have been continuously developed.

Elisabeth, how would you describe the work culture at Voestalpine?

There is a daily, appreciative interaction among colleagues. Whether in purchasing, finance, or sales, as well as in the “Region International” department, it’s important that we communicate on equal footing. Of course, there are occasional conflicts that are unavoidable in daily work, but even in these situations, everyone strives to find a solution that is acceptable for all.

In my area, it is also natural for colleagues to support each other. There are always phases where there might be less to do in one market or another, and the affected colleagues do not hesitate to assist those whose markets are currently booming.


What significant changes in your industry have you experienced during your career, and how have you adapted to them?

Our industry is very cyclical, which confronts us with various market situations. Especially Covid and the energy crisis have posed special challenges, unprecedented in my working life. We still feel the aftermath but have learned to cope well with it. As long as a certain flexibility is maintained, many situations can be managed.

How was your return to the daily work routine after the birth of your children?

After 13 years of service, the time came for me – I became the mother of two wonderful sons. After nearly two years of parental leave, I eagerly anticipated my return to work. I re-entered the workforce at the peak of the pandemic, which presented me with various challenges. However, with the help of colleagues and especially direct superiors, these were quickly overcome.

What advice would you give to new employees who are just starting their careers at Voestalpine?

Let it come to you.

Voestalpine is a large corporation that offers many opportunities for development. With sufficient commitment, diligence, and enthusiasm, a lot is possible.

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