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Health & Safety Action Day for Employees Promotes Occupational Safety and Well-Being in the Workplace

31 July 2023 | 

As part of the "Health & Safety" occupational safety action day, an event was recently held at the voestalpine Wire Austria site in Bruck an der Mur to promote awareness of occupational safety and well-being in the workplace. 

The action day, which was supported by various organizations and companies, aimed to inform employees about the importance of safety measures and raise awareness of safety-conscious behavior.

Special training sessions and workshops were held, covering topics such as accident prevention, ergonomic working and mental health. Participants received practical tips and advice on how to make their working environment safer and minimize potential risks.

These workshops and information were offered on the following topics:

  • Occupational safety: Falling
  • Occupational safety: Hands good, all's well
  • Occupational safety: Forklift safety
  • Health: Addiction prevention
  • Health: Skin protection

Above all, the importance of a safe working environment and a healthy working climate was emphasized.  The Health & Safety Action Day was very well received by the employees: 

The event was a good opportunity to discuss open questions on safety topics directly with experts.

said one of the 80 participants of the event.

The action day was a great success and will also be held at another voestalpine Wire Technology site in the fall to continue to focus on the importance of occupational safety and raise awareness of safe work practices.

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