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voestalpine Wire Rod Austria GmbH

The World's most advanced Wire Rod Mill.

When it comes to wire rods, we set the standards. By producing at the most advanced wire rod mill in the world, we can offer customized solutions with extremely tight tolerances and coil masses of up to 3 tons. With the start up of this rolling mill 2016, we can produce wire rod with diameters ranging from 5.00 mm to 60.00 mm.


  • The tightest dimensional tolerances, thermomechanical rolling throughout the range, minimal decarburization in the walking beam furnace: by using the latest generation of burners, advanced roller technology and a high performance plant control system, we produce wire products that meet increasingly demanding requirements. At the same time, you benefit as ever from our extensive skills in materials and production within a global metallurgy group.


  • Optimized set up times mean that we can respond even more quickly to our customers’ needs and further improve our level of service. A more flexible rolling program enables us to implement customized solutions with coil weights up to 3.0 t. The intelligent, integrated material flow control system


  • The latest production technologies enable us to produce an even wider range of high-quality rolled wires. With an extended range of dimensions up to 60 mm, we can help you to respond even faster to global market trends. Improved plant safety and our highly qualified employees ensure that we can maintain our accustomed excellent delivery reliability.

    • Wire rod production including surface and heat treatment from a single source
    • Fully automated stacker cranes and GPS-assisted stacker navigation
    • The world’s largest high-bay warehouse for wire rod coils

Wire Rod Production

The raw materials for our products are manufactured in the Group's own steel mills. voestalpine smelts pig iron in two furnaces before processing it in the steel mill. Our state-of-the-art technology guarantees the highest levels of quality.

At our wire rod mill the billets are heated to a rolling temperature of 1100°C to 1200°C within 1 to 1.5 hours in a walking beam furnace powered by natural gas. This is followed by high-pressure water descaling, and then the continuous wire rolling process on a 1-strand wire rolling line in several forming stages until the required cross section has been reached.

Wire Processing

Temperature-regulated or thermomechanically-regulated rolling via a loop, followed by controlled cooling, is also possible and allows the microstructure (strength, hardness and toughness) required for cold forming to be precisely determined.

voestalpine Wire Rod Austria also has its own

  • Surface-
  • and Heat-Treatment Facilities

in which the Wire Rod is processed further.