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Premium Bearing Steel Wire

The properties of bearing steel wire are optimized for the production of ball bearings, roller bearings and needle bearings. At voestalpine Wire Technology we enjoy many years' experience and expertise in the production of bearing steel wire. We guarantee that our products provide the highest purity levels, homogenity, hardenability, best formability and dimensional stability.

Our integrated production chain, from ore to the finished wire product, guarantees the input of specialists along the entire value chain, to the benefit of our customers.

Our Bearing Steel Wire for your Challenging Applications

Long-term customer and development partnerships stretching back over many years demonstrate the trust our customers place in our quality and ability to innovate. Our customers value the way be rise to the challenge of meeting their many and various requirements.

  • Greatest possible flexibility as the result of an integrated production chain
  • Minimal core segregation
  • Highest level of surface quality and ideal solidification structure
  • State-of-the-art annealing line with optimized annealing cycle for best forming properties

Premium Quality convinces Premium Manufacturers

  • Bearing steel wire for roller bearings, cone bearings, ball bearings
  • Best micro-structural properties, high clean-liness, minimal segregation - high quality wire solutions for demanding bearing applications
  • Highest surface quality and state-of-the-art annealing facilities with optimized annealing cycle for best forming properties
  • Integrated production in a unique value chain – from the iron ore to the wire product
  • Highly equipped laboratories, well trained staff and a variety of inline surface inspections technologies, such as eddy current testing or optical technologies contribute to our endeavor of delivering wire with highest quality
  • EN ISO 683-17/04.00 EN Steel number
    100Cr6 1.3505
    100CrMnSi6-4 1.3520
  • EN 10263/02.02  
    + AC + C annealed on spheroidised carbide + cold drawing
    + AC + C + AC annealed on spheroidised carbide + cold drawn + annealed on spheroidised carbide
    + AC + C + AC + LC annealed on spheroidised carbide + cold drawn + annealed on spheroidised carbide+ light cold second drawing
  • Dimensional range

    • Standard dimensions are 0.50 mm - 42.0 mm

    Diameter tolerances

    • Tightest diameter tolerances EN 10278 (h8, h9, h10, h11)


    • Phosphated
    • Finally phosphate coated, soap, borax or lime coating
    • Bright drawn
    • Red-bright

    Quality management

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
    • EMAS III
    • IATF 16949
    • ISO 17025
    • ISO 45001
    • ISO 50001