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WHERE PREMIUM QUALITY MEETS ECO-FRIENDLY EXCELLENCE 2027 - greentec steel wire solutions of the next generation

Technikum Metallurgie

Our research steelworks "TechMet", the technical center for metallurgy, combines a tireless pioneering spirit with the vision of a sustainable future. Here, in the midst of innovation and passion, a new era is unfolding: the era of greentec steel based premium wire solutions.

It's not just wire. It's not just steel. It's a commitment to a sustainable future. Every wire developed in our research facilities and brought to industrial standards tells a story of excellence. Our researchers, engineers and craftsmen are working on a vision in which the highest quality and environmental awareness go hand in hand.

From 2027, our greentec steel design will be available for your demanding applications. We invite you to join us on this journey right now.

Develop with us, test with us, increase your cost efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint - thanks to premium wire solutions which allow reduced process steps and optimized processing times.

Working with voestalpine Wire Technology - until 2027 and beyond

1. Premium quality for all steel grades with a reduced carbon footprint

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2. Process & cost optimization through tailored material design

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3. Green transformation instead of greenwashing

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1. Premium quality with a reduced carbon footprint

Thanks to our flexible mix of input materials of high-quality materials, scrap and high-quality alloying elements, we offer a consistently high-quality, CO2-reduced quality for all steel grades and therefore also for your high-quality wire-based applications.

Premium-Qualität mit reduziertem CO2-Fußabdruck

The flexible use of high-grade input materials such as HBI (Hot Briquetted Iron), pig iron and scrap to produce high-quality premium steel products can ensure that you will receive the consistent premium quality also for special grades you are used to, while reducing carbon footprint by 60% starting with 2027.

Consistent quality

Your advantages:

  • Increased use of intelligently sorted scrap for high-quality steel grades reduces the CO2 footprint
  • Use of dynamic alloy models allows uniform product properties with high scrap usage
  • Use of process models for automated adjustment of various process parameters (e.g. cooling after rolling or heat treatment) depending on the chemical composition for uniform properties
  • Supply reliability

Even if scrap or other raw materials become scarce, we can ensure a consistent supply as we are flexible in our input mix.

2. Process & cost optimization through tailored material design

Make use of our unique research facilities for tailored, efficient wire solutions with expert support from fast and cost-effective development from prototype to series production, with continuous support and expert know-how even for the most difficult challenges.

Our state-of-the-art research facilities "TechMet", the metallurgy laboratory "MetLab" and the Wire Technology Center support you in the development of your next-generation wire solution - tailored to your needs.  Benefit from shorter development times, taking into account material and process development from greentec steel to drawn wire. These facilities are available to our customers to continuously support them and find solutions for even the most difficult challenges. Benefit from our expert know-how!

Your advantage - develop your application-optimized material from a batch size of 50 kg. Preliminary tests or small quantities from 50 kg can be carried out in the "MetLab" and laboratory samples for analyses can be produced cost-effectively. Further tests can then be carried out on the steel in the "TechMet" with production-related batches of three tons before going into series production.

Fast, cost-effective and at the same time, the results can be transfered to large-scale facilities.

Prozess- & Kostenoptimierung durch maßgeschneidertes Materialdesign


Virtual product development of a brand-new wire alloy in TechMet/MetLab with reduced carbon footprint and several advantages:

  • Economical alternative to conventional Cr,Mo-alloyed QT steels 34CrMo4 and 42CrMo4
  • Improved processability and high strength in the quenched and tempered (QT) condition through microallying with Nb, Ti and B and thermomechanical rolling
  • Reduction of CO2 during the drawing process through reduced number of annealing steps (200 kg CO2/to)
  • Designed for screws in the 12.9 range

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Use of thermo-mechanical rolling and optimized cooling in the most modern wire rod mill

  • Optimized wire quality and best forming abilities by reducing the tensile strength makes the elimination of energy-intensive production steps possible
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions

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3. Green transformation instead of green washing

Our green transformation includes the gradual switch to sustainable production and energy processes as well as CO2-neutral logistics, all under the guiding principle of "green transformation instead of greenwashing".

Grüne Transformation anstatt von Green Washing

In addition to the conversion of production technology, this also includes the conversion of energy supply, sustainable logistics, material design, process re-engineering and much more. 

  • Gradual switch to CO2-neutral logistics concepts
  • Conversion of energy procurement from entirely renewalble energy sources
  • Optimization of our production steps


Highly homogeneous material properties optimize your processes and save CO2

Thanks to our own steel base, we optimize the material properties from steel production through to the rolling and drawing process. This ensures outstanding quality while at the same time conserving resources.

With our possibilites for thermomechanical rolling in the most modern wire rod mill further heat treatment steps can be omitted, thus saving resources, and reducing the carbon footprint. To the article

100% green transportation of wire products within the Austrian and German sites

PERFORMANCE IN WIRE ensures environmentally friendly wire transportation - now a joint development of a new wagon with Innofreight, Deutsche Bahn and voestalpine Wire Rod Austria GmbH is also providing support here with the clear aim of optimizing the transport of wire rod coils. The optimized in thwagons were also designed in a special lightweight construction, enabling better wagon utilization and gentler wire transport in general. To the article


100% green transportation already implemented

Within Austria, the green transport of the wire rod from St. Peter/Freienstein for further processing in the wire drawing mill of voestalpine Wire Austria, about 20 km away, has been relied on for a long time. Here, nearly 100% of the delivered wire material has always rolled on rails downstream to Bruck an der Mur. In addition, the transport within the value chain at the Donawitz site is also green - for example, the billet supply within the site there is carried out exclusively by rail and is therefore CO2-neutral. To the article

Use of 100% climate-friendly energy at our Austrian locations

At our Austrian sites, we use 100% green electricity. With the motivation to supply our plants with green energy, numerous photovoltaic projects have already been implemented or are currently being implemented. We produce electricity from the recycling of residual materials, participate in wind farms and have always had two hydropower plants in Bruck/Mur in operation. To the article


PERFORMANCE IN SUSTAINABILITY - Sustainable solutions for the wire industry

Nachhaltige Lösungen für die Drahtindustrie

Our vision: a climate-neutral economy. We take responsibility towards society and our environment. Our corporate culture stands for long-term partnerships and reliability on many levels. Find out more about sustainability at voestalpine Wire Technology.

Premium wire solutions with a reduced CO2 footprint

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