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Our wire rod is produced by voestalpine Wire Rod Austria in St. Peter, Freienstein at the world's most advanced wire rod mill.

We guarantee the highest quality, tightest tolerances and maximum flexibility, with our customers profiting from our comprehensive materials competence and expertise. Further we have a reputation for high-quality subsequent processing within our wide product range. 

Wire Rod for the most Demanding Quality Grades

We are a reliable and long-term partner to many customers, processing our wire rod:

Wire Rod

An integrated production chain allows us to offer continuous quality inspections and end-to-end traceability of all production and test parameters over the entire process.

Of particular note are the options available for alternative steel types such as

  • AFP steels (e.g. 30MnVS6)
  • Dual-phase steels (e.g. 10MnSi7)
  • Micro-alloyed wire rod (e.g. 20MnB4Ti)

voestalpine Wire Rod Austria supplies Wire Rod including different

  • Surface treatments (pickled, phosphate, phosphate-free, soap, lime or polymer coated) and
  • Heat treatments (soft annealing, AC)

Read more about our subsequent processing here.

How can we help you?

If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!