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Drawn wire

Individuality meets Flexibility - Our Product Portfolio

  • Cold Heading Wire
    • Wire for cold heading and cold extrusion in the dimensional range 0.50 mm – 49.00 mm for extremely sophisticated applications.
  • Bearing Steel Wire
    • Our bearing steel wires are optimized for the production of ball bearings, roller bearings and needle bearings.
  • Flat and Shaped Wire
    • Our drawn and rolled flat and shaped wire with cross sections of around 2 mm² to 200 mm² meet the very highest quality standards.
  • Coated Wire
    • Our coated wire (nickel, copper, zinc) is particularly suitable for applications requiring a visually pleasing surface appearance.
  • Spring Steel Wire
    • Our spring steel wire meets the highest quality standards. Our customers also profit from our comprehensive materials competence and expertise.
  • Low-Carbon Wire
    • Low-carbon wires are unalloyed carbon steels containing less than 0.25% carbon. Iron wire is drawn from non-heat treated wire rod, or heat treated prior to, between, or after drawing.

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