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voestalpine Wire Technology, a subsidiary in the Metal Engineering Division of voestalpine AG, is a leading manufacturer of wire rods, and Europe's no.1 manufacturer of cold heading wire.

Our international production sites and global sales network allow us to support our customers and meet their needs. As a result, customers of voestalpine Wire Technology are also "one step ahead".

  •  voestalpine Wire Austria GmbH
    • 8600 Bruck an der Mur, Bahnhofstrasse 2, Austria
    • T: +43 50304 22 0
    • Range supplied: Drawn Wire (Cold Heading Wire), High-Tensile Steel Wire, Profiled-Section Wire
  • voestalpine Wire Germany GmbH
    • 03238 Finsterwalde, Grenzstrasse 45, Germany
    • T: +49 3531 786 223
    • Range supplied: Drawn Wire (Cold Heading Wire, Mild Steel Wire, Machine Steel Wire)
  • voestalpine Wire Italy srl
    • 31040 Nervesa della Battaglia, Via Foscarini 44, Italy
    • T: +39 0422 7244
    • Range supplied: Drawn Wire (Cold Heading Wire, Machine Steel Wire, Mild Steel Wire, Profiled-Section Wire, Coated Wire)
  • voestalpine Wire Suzhou Co. Ltd
    • 215126 Suzhou, Jiangsu, 121 Xingpu Road, Suzhou, Industrial Park, China
    • T: +86 512 67631280 
    •  Complete delivery program

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