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Cold Heading Wire for your Challenging Applications

Cold heading wire manufactured by voestalpine Wire Technology leads the field in quality and technology. By drawing on the Group's own steel production and an integrated production chain from ore through to the final wire product, we create wire solutions for cold heading and cold extrusion for highly advanced applications in dimensions ranging from 0.50 mm - 49.00 mm.

At voestalpine Wire Technology we enjoy years of experience and expertise in the production of cold heading wire and can also manufacture special types of steel according to customer requirements. State-of-the-art annealing plants and a large number of surface treatment facilities allow us to produce wire with ideal properties.

With our cold heading wire we are a reliable partner to the automotive supply industry, the mechanical engineering and metal construction industries and experts for special applications.

Cold Extrusion Wire by voestalpine Wire Technology

Wire manufactured by voestalpine Wire Technology for cold heading and cold extrusion meets the most demanding quality standards.

  • Maximum customer value through minimal finished product scrap rates
  • Best surface quality and tightest diameter tolerances
  • High added value and benefitial influencing of all process parameters along the production chain
  • Flexibility and partnership with our customers

Top-Quality Cold Heading Wire featuring the Best Formability

Why our cold heading wire? 

  • Integrated production in a unique value chain – from the iron ore to the wire product
  • Highest quality, based on the round- continuous casting for producing the primary material
  • Best formability due to thermo-mechanical rolling
  • Top surface quality and closest diameter tolerances
  • A wide range of chemical compositions and mechanical properties
  • A wide variety of micro alloyed cold heading wire grades with tightest tensile ranges and optimized micro structures
  • Highly equipped laboratories, well trained staff and a variety of inline surface inspections technologies, such as eddy current testing or optical technologies contribute to our endeavor of delivering wire with highest quality
  • EN EN steel number
    C4C 1.0303
    C8C 1.0213
    C10C 1.0214
    C15C 1.0234
    C15E2C 1.1132
    C20E2C 1.1152
    C35EC 1.1172
    C45EC 1.1192
    17B2 / 18B2 1.5502 / 1.5503
    20MnB4 1.5525
    23B2 1.5508
    28B2 1.5510
    33B2 1.5514
    35B2 1.5511
    - 1.5513
    38B2 1.5515
    23MnB4 1.5535
    30MnVS6 1.1302
    17Cr3 1.7016
    34Cr4 1.7033
    41Cr4 1.7035
    16MnCr5 1.7131
    34CrMo4 1.7220
    42CrMo4 1.7225
    40CrMoV4-6 1.7711
    20NiCrMo2-2 1.6523
    34CrNiMo6 1.6582
    30MnB4 1.5526
    C60S 1.1221
    C67S 1.1231
    32CrB4 1.7076
    36CrB4 1.7077
    51CrV4 1.8159

    More steel grades possible upon request.

  • EN 10263/02.02  
    + U + C cold drawn
    + U+ C + AC cold drawn + annealed on spheroidised carbide
    + AC + C annealed on spheroidised carbide + cold drawn
    + U + C + AC + LC cold drawn + annealed on spheroidised carbide + light cold second drawing
    + AC + C + AC annealed on spheroidised carbide + cold drawn + annealed on spheroidised carbide 
    + AC + C + AC + LC annealed on spheroidised carbide + cold drawn + annealed on spheroidised carbide + light cold second drawing
  • Dimensional range

    • Standard dimensions are 0.50 mm - 49.0 mm

    Diameter tolerances

    • Tightest diameter tolerances EN 10278 (h8, h9, h10, h11)


    • Phosphate-free
    • Phosphated
    • Finally phosphate coated, soap or lime coating
    • Bright drawn

    Quality management

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
    • EMAS III
    • IATF 16949
    • ISO 17025
    • ISO 45001
    • ISO 50001