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Austrian students do an internship in Italy

5 September 2022 | 

In July, some Austrian students had the opportunity to do an internship in 3 of our Italian companies.

Internship abroad - a highlight for every student

This opportunity was possible thanks to the connection that voestalpine has established over the years with the schools in its area, and certainly because of the great importance of the brand as an attractive lever in the region.

Especially in Styria and even more so in the city of Leoben, where Jonas, Felix and Sascha come from.

Young boys improve their language skills


The three boys were given the opportunity to do an international internship that would improve their language skills, as well as the chance to enter the job market and see some of its dynamics.

Participation in special projects

After an initial presentation phase within the company, during which the various tutors ensured that the students learned about the different dynamics between the various company branches, the specifics of each company's products and the internal production processes, each of them was assigned to a specific project.

These were, for example, the realization of a software in Digiweb for the request of new material by the operators to the warehouse operators, a script in Pyton for the realization of a matrix and the realization of a better graphic interface for the visualization of the defects found on the products.

Unforgettable experience


In an interview, the guys said they were satisfied with their experience, not only because of the opportunity to do real work projects, and not only because of the support activities, but especially because of the climate to live in all connectedness.

They described it as communicative, extroverted and very friendly, allowing them to fully live the voestalpine spirit, which they could feel as a strong connection with the group.

Not only work was great

During their stay they were also able to visit some places in the surrounding area, such as the beautiful Cittadella and nearby towns, as well as the beaches of Jesolo.

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