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Expert know-how in the field of bolted joints ...

29 March 2023 | 

... is essential for many industrial sectors. Therefore, the Deutsche Schraubenverband e.V. offers the qualification Screw Specialist Engineer - Schraubenfachingenieur (DSV)® in cooperation with competent scientific institutes.

Bolted connections are among the most frequently used joining technologies in many industrial sectors. Their use is optimal wherever high static or dynamic forces have to be transmitted and strict requirements are placed on the ability to be mounted, disassembled and reassembled.

In addition, bolts and nuts are frequently used in safety-relevant connections, where proper functioning is particularly crucial. The demands on bolted connections are continuously increased by lightweight construction (e.g. drive and vehicle technology), new forms of resource provision or renewable energies (e.g. wind power and offshore technology) and requirements in terms of resource conservation (e.g. reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption).


Knowing and being able to exploit the technical-physical potentials of bolted joints is the main focus of the training to become a screw specialist engineer (DSV)®.

Congratulations to Dr. Matthew Galler - our voestalpine Wire Technology employee in the Research & Development department and expert in cold heading materials development for successfully completing the Screw Specialist Engineer Schraubenfachingenieur (DSV) ® course!

voestalpine Wire Technology

The expert for cold heading material development

With his experience in cold heading grades, Matthew Galler is the expert for customized material development based on customer requirements. Further, he drives the advancement of measurement and testing technology or special tests for screws and fasteners. His passion? "To seek and find innovative approaches in the field of production and processing of cold heading grade steels. This is how we ensure the performance and quality of our products at the highest level."


"As a steel manufacturer and wire rod supplier, we sit at the source," says Galler, "the right alloy design and the quality of the starting material are critical to exceptional screw performance, but it's also about much more. The advanced training has now closed the gap between the starting material and the product application at the end customer. As a result, we as wire manufacturers can offer even better solutions - designed end-to-end from the steel melt to the screw application."

Dr. Matthew Galler, OTR - RD&I & Product Mgmt, Business Dev.

The comprehensive training

The training was intensive, with twelve full day programs over 8 months, an entrance exam for the advanced part, and two final exams (written and oral).

The following aspects of bolted joints were included in the training: metallurgy, design, assembly procedures, calculation of joints and quality assurance.

"The engineering scope of screws is fascinating, and I’ve gained  a new appreciation for these products," Galler says of the training.

The fruits of labor already put to good practical use


The knowledge gained has already been successfully applied both internally by voestalpine Wire Technology and with customers.

At voestalpine Wire Technology's Technical Center Wire, the method for testing hydrogen crack sensitivity of screws in the electrochemical cell is currently being optimized. Additionally, our customers already benefit from extensive technical discussions and advice through increased knowledge of customer and OEM requirements.

Interested in our expert competence in the field of research & development? With our know-how we are happy to support you with our customized solutions for your demanding applications:

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