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voestalpine Böhler Welding provides welding and brazing solutions for a wide range of robotized applications in the automotive industry.  We are a market leader with a global presence in terms of production, supply chain and technical support, offering an exhaustive range of innovative and cost competitive consumables with a high and consistent quality that ensures optimal productivity.

Exhaust systems

Demands on motor vehicles are constantly increasing. High performance, energy efficiency and low weight are required, while more stringent international legislation forces a steady reduction in emissions. Exhaust system quality and performance are elementary in modern cars. To reduce emissions and save weight, there is a trend towards reduced wall thickness and higher operating temperatures for exhaust system components such as catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters. To ensure a long service life, they need to be produced efficiently. In the manufacturing process, welding consumables play a crucial role in the reliable, high-speed automated welding of thin-walled components. voestalpine Böhler Welding offers a comprehensive range of welding wires to meet these expectations.

Car bodies in white

We are one of the leading suppliers of MIG, plasma and laser brazing consumables for the demanding automotive industry and offer customized solutions. As a competent partner for brazing applications, we understand and take into account the challenges of the industry in product selection and development: lightweight construction, the use of different materials and the growing use of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels.

Fontargen brazing copper wires are very popular in the automotive industry for car body brazing. These wires can also be used in other segments and for other applications. The main application is MIG brazing of structural parts, laser brazing and high-speed laser brazing of body parts.

Fontargen brazing wires are characterized by a particularly high process stability, which allows the user to braze manual or automatically. The clean and smooth wire surface leads to longer service intervals of the wire feeding system.

Further Brazing Applications: E-mobility and Drive Components

Fontargen brazing is a supplier of Cu P (Ag) and Ag solders in the E-mobility sector. In particular, our brazing foils are used for resistance brazing of battery systems and drive components.

We also produce aluminum brazing rings and preforms for joints of aluminum tubes in air conditioning systems, battery modules, electric engines, power electronics and passenger cabins.

Copper preforms, copper pastes and nickel pastes are used on powertrain applications such as torque converters, modern gearboxes, new EGR cooler systems and high-pressure fuel-direct systems. Brazing with rings or preforms ensures precise control over the brazing volume and can also improve the brazing process. Preforms must cover a high variety of shapes and are therefore becoming increasingly demanding.

Structural Components

Another typical application in the automotive industry is the robotized MIG-MAG welding of structural components in both galvanized steel and aluminum.

As it mostly concerns a large number of short single run welds on thin material, fast arc striking and re-striking and a stable arc with little or no spatter are required. Especially for galvanized material, a low defect rate (e.g. maximal reduction or elimination of porosities) and as little post weld cleaning as possible are needed.

voestalpine Böhler Welding offers a complete range of wires that meet the above requirements.

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