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As a leader in the world of welding and part of the voestalpine steel and technology group, we are close to you with more than 100 years of experience, 50 subsidiaries and 1,000 sales partners worldwide. Thanks to our comprehensive product portfolio, welding expertise and global orientation, we know your needs and, as a total solution provider, ensure the best results for your most demanding challenges. Perfectly interlinked and as unique as your business.

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  • As a global leading technology group with expertise in materials and processing, we strive to remain a pioneer in our industry which is why we are always on the lookout for motivated employees who can shape the future with us and drive innovation. Exciting tasks, challenging projects, individual support and further education make us an attractive employer.

    Our 52,000 employees in more than 50 countries make us what we are: quality leaders and a world market leader in many segments. We come in contact with numerous steel products and projects that involve steel in our everyday lives and they attest to the innovative capacity of our company and our employees.

  • The Railway Systems business unit of the voestalpine Group’s Metal Engineering Division is the global market leader in railway infrastructure systems and signaling technology. Through its Industrial Systems business unit, the division is also the European market leader in high-quality wire and a global provider of complete welding solutions. In addition, the division delivers tubulars throughout the world from its plant in Kindberg, Austria. Its customer segments include the railway infrastructure industry, the oil and natural gas industry as well as the mechanical engineering, automotive, and construction industries. The Metal Engineering Division with its 13,500 employees worldwide is working hard to develop a variety of innovative, climate-friendly technologies and production processes as part of its greentec steel program.

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the preferred Full Welding Solutions provider, creating unique value for our customers.  Our employees with their knowledge, their drive to innovation, their ingenuity and their social and technical skills are the enablers and key success factor for our company to realize this goal. Our employees are empowered to fully utilize their potential and to contribute their valuable input to the success of the company.

Being part of the voestalpine group with its tagline of “one step ahead” is reflected perfectly in our actions. We are the first movers in our industry when it comes to sustainable emission-reduced production and supply chains. We focus on protecting the users of our products with our Personal Protection Equipment, we invest in health and safety in our production, and we drive innovation for healthier welding consumables. Beside this technological drive, we cultivate our external and internal business relationships with our drive to become the preferred Full Welding Solutions provider. We believe in long-standing relationships with our customers and our employees.

One company, one culture, one team

At voestalpine Böhler Welding, people are simply the utmost important element. Our customers and suppliers are not just companies, but the people they represent and with whom, in many cases, we maintain a long-term relationship. This applies even more to our employees. With their strengths, talent and individuality they make us what we are. We strive to have a good working atmosphere in all functions and locations. We offer development opportunities in line with the strengths of each individual. We take pride in investing in leadership programs, internal and external trainings and in developing individual growth plans. We heartily honor our long-time employees in special events every year. We believe in leaders being role models. One key task of our leaders is to know their employees well, their strengths, their talents, but also their needs and expectations. All these factors form one culture across the many countries and locations where our company is present. And in the end, this makes all of our employees part of one team.   

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Our Values

We are continuously working on how to best exemplify our corporate values in our professional interactions and to act accordingly. We see values not as a tool in employer branding, but as an expression of our culture, appreciation, and consistency.

The customer is at the center of all activities. Our developments, services, and products are geared to the customer needs in order to serve them in the best way.

We will always surpass the ordinary standards and exceed our customer’s expectations through the passion for what we do. By being exceptionally good, we outperform our competitors and take the lead.

We concentrate on our core business to provide the highest level of expertise within our portfolio. 

We find new paths and set the pace by developing valuable solutions that are new to the market and unique in the industry.

We work together and exchange knowledge and experience beyond all boundaries. By integrating our partners into our processes, we create benefits for them and for ourselves as well.

We think globally and act locally. We harmonize our activities worldwide to ensure that we provide the highest value to our customers.

Our wide metallurgical know-how and our long-term experience enable us to give the best technical advice to our customers and meet their most demanding challenges.

We are a reliable and responsible partner today and will be for the long-term future. We commit to long lasting products and long standing relationships.

Our Brands

As part of the voestalpine Group, we have gone under the name voestalpine Böhler Welding since 2013. In order to help our customers be as competent and efficient as possible in facing future competition, we have also reorganized our tried-and-tested products and solutions into three competence areas, under three product brands: Böhler Welding, UTP, and Fontargen Brazing.

Böhler Welding Logo

Lasting Connections

Perfect alignment of welding machines, consumables and technologies combined with our renowned application and process know-how provide the best solution for your requirements: A tried and true connection among people, products and technologies. The result is what we promise: Full Welding Solutions for Lasting Connections.

Tailor-Made Protectivity™

Proven under the toughest conditions: Our products protect metal surfaces from wear and corrosion. With over 70 years of experience and the broadest product portfolio in the industry, we are your preferred partner for Surface Protection solutions.  We deliver what we promise: Surface Protection tailored to your needs.

In-depth Know-How

As a manufacturer of soldering and brazing consumables, we offer proven solutions based on 60 years of industrial experience, tested processes and methods, made-in-Germany. This in-depth know-how makes us the internationally preferred partner to meet your soldering and brazing challenge through innovative solutions. The result is what we promise: Innovation based on in-depth know-how.

Our Management

from left: Stefan Glanz - CEO, Bernhard Riegler - COO, Thibaut Du Champs - CFO, Thomas Platzer - CSO, Martin Peruzzi - CTO

Company History

Integration into the voestalpine Group as part of the Metal Engineering Division. Renamed voestalpine Böhler Welding and product brands simplified to: Böhler Welding, UTP and Fontargen Brazing.

Böhler Welding Group switched from Böhler-Uddeholm to voestalpine Metal Engineering (formerly known as Railway Systems) as a separate division 

voestalpine acquires Böhler-Uddeholm and the division Böhler Thyssen Welding is renamed Böhler Welding Group.

Böhler-Uddeholm acquires Avesta Welding.

Thyssen Welding Consumables (Thermanit, Phoenix, Union) renamed into brand T-PUT.

Böhler-Uddeholm acquires 100% of joint venture Böhler Thyssen Welding.

Böhler-Uddeholm and Thyssen merge their welding businesses into the joint venture Böhler Thyssen Welding (Böhler with UTP / Thyssen with Soudokay, Hilarius and Fontargen).

Böhler Welding becomes a separate division in the newly formed Böhler-Uddeholm and acquires UTP.

Founding of Böhler & CO in Vienna by the Böhler brothers.