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 You will be perfectly equipped for a robotic future with our full range of Collaborative Robots designed to weld safely alongside a welder or an operator. We offer a complete range for all of your collaborative robot needs with our Cobot Solutions.  Whether you choose our CO-BRO® package, the CO-BRO® FLEX offering extreme flexibility with its 360° accessible barrier system or our CO-BRO® GUARD and its exclusive GUARD enclosure system and  fume extraction for the highest health & safety standards, we have exactly what you need.

Your benefits:

  • Plug and play automation for perfectly integrated welding and movements.
  • Ideal programming resulting in a great time saving potential for our CO-BROs
  • Ideal for high productivity and efficiency
  • Intuitive user interface for easy programming of the robotic arm, taking the lack of skilled welders and high-level operators into consideration, thus ensuring high quality and repeatability.

More than just a Cobot: It joins the Böhler Welding expertise and the perfect integration of the collaborative robotics with the welding process itself.

  • Special processes enabled
  • Böhler Arc enabled