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We Take up the Challenge of Welding Tool Steel

When we talk about the tooling industry, we refer to the tools such as dies and molds designed and made for use in sheet metal forming molds for car bodies in the automotive industry, cutting knifes, stamping equipment, forging and casting dies, plastic molds and cutting and forming tools. These tools and dies are precision parts with complex compositions for very specific applications and therefore very expensive! They are found in various industries around the world and it is one of UTP’s specialties to offer solutions to most of the problems in these industries.

Consequently, tool repair is a very interesting industry for UTP as a global supplier of welding consumables for SURFACEprotection and more specifically in this case for wear protection.

In use, tools and dies are continuously exposed to high stresses such as severe abrasion, metal-to-metal wear, shock, material fatigue, impact and high temperatures. As a result, the tools are subject to high wear.

Wear protection by repair welding is very economical and particularly attractive for very expensive tools and dies.

However, the weldability of tool steels, is a major challenge, but UTP’s wear protection welding consumables provide solid and durable welding solutions for the many areas of the tooling industry:

  • Construction of new tools
  • Reconstruction and repair of cracked or worn tools
  • Renewal of cutting edges
  • Correction of production defects
  • Change of design
  • Partial reinforcement of heavily stressed

Our UTP maintenance product portfolio consists of a wide range of stick electrodes, TIG and MIG wires, cored wires and metal powders, specifically designed for welding cold and hot work tool steel.

Wear leads to losses in production efficiency and a reduction in the quality and service life of machines and tools. It also leads to an increase in maintenance costs for all production equipment.

UTP offers a total package of high-quality wear protection welding consumables for maintenance and repair that lead to the optimization of tool and die life produced by the tooling industry for use and application in many other industries such as automotive and metal forming and casting.

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