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    Böhler Welding has always been at the forefront in offering technologies and solutions to improve the welding process.

Böhler Welding has always been at the forefront in offering technologies and solutions to improve the welding process. This is the result of continuous efforts in technological innovation to increase performance and quality of products but also to design with greater sensitivity to the environment and energy saving.

Inverter Technology

The benefits in terms of system design and usability are numerous:

  • Dramatic reduction in size and weight
  • Reduction in electrical energy costs
  • Extremely effective and flexible arc control

Böhler Welding was among the first manufacturers to develop this particular technology, presenting to the market the first welding generator based on resonant inverter circuit, the core technology on which they are made inverters today.

The key component in our welding power sources is our own, patented, MultiLine Three Level® inverter. This modern and technically advanced inverter delivers unbeatable performance and reliability over time. It also gives significant advantages in terms of arc control speed, complete function management, adaptability to different processes and applications, accuracy and repeatability.

Full Digital Technology

The technology to control welding, and all the operation inside the Böhler Welding products is full-digital. A strong technical choice offering significant advantages in terms of speed, global control system, flexibility to different applications and processes, repeatability and accuracy.

The internal communication system is CANBUS-based to be totally immune to electromagnetic noise in order to transmit data safely and fast, and make the updating and customization of the machines simple and quick.

Full Digital Technology


As we should all know by now, energy saving is one of the main strategies for reconciling the needs of the environment with those of economic growth. As always, Böhler Welding is determined to stay ahead of the competition, and has developed greenWave®, a new platform of welding power sources for technically advanced customers who share society’s concern for the environment and want to cut their welding energy costs too.

greenWave® is the patented new welding technology that uses electrical energy in an intelligent way in order to reduce consumption. greenWave® power sources are URANOS series machines and are easily recognizable from an adhesive label bearing the greenWave® logo on the cover.

More information

Check how much you can save with greenWave® Technology

Please insert below the parameters of equipment you want to replace. If you have more than five units, you can just repeat the calculation and add-on.

Equipment Process Technology Average welding current (A) Arc On working hours per day (h) Approx. distance from counter (m)
Unit nr. 1
Unit nr. 2
Unit nr. 3
Unit nr. 4
Unit nr. 5
Grid Price
Approximate average value. You can change it, according to your energy prices
Annual savings if you switch to greenWave


Total savings is an approximate value, based on energy consumption of standards welding equipment actually sold on the market and on the most common welding technologies. Only industrial welding equipment (and European fabrication) have been taken into account as a benchmark. The reactive power calculation takes into account that most of the energy consumption is due to the welding equipment.

This calculation does not guarantee 100% energy savings as it is an approximation based on standard parameters and not on a specific equipment model. More accurate values can be obtained by knowing the exact electrical absorption and performance of the equipment to be replaced and selecting an equivalent voestalpine Böhler Welding greenWave model. To discover all the details (and associated benefits) of the greenWave® range, please contact your voestalpine Böhler Welding sales representative or check out the brochure "greenWave®: Because Böhler Welding cares".

Böhler Arc

Böhler Arc is the joining of two targets: find the perfect combination of filler material, welding process, welding equipment and make it available for customers. Böhler Arc makes everything simple:

  • All the parameters are made and tested to perform best welding results
  • The welder simply choose the suitable welding program and starts welding
  • The welding process is immediately perfect
  • Repeatability and constant quality
  • Welding program for any material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and many other
  • Customization and upgrade is possible


You, the welder deserve the best solution for high demanding jobs. In order to fulfil also the most complex requirements, you need more than a welding machine. You need a partner, a friend, a weld mate. In short, you need the NX welding machines by Böhler Welding. Thanks to the intelligent power, design and features, NX welding machines are real team players that make you shine and succeed, no matter what.

Join the team and together we will achieve what counts most: the perfect weld by myNX.

  • Configure your NX to your welding job
  • Hardware, software, welding programs, other useful additional options
  • URANOS NX thus becomes YOUR URANOS NX, a welding partner performing the most efficient work you deserve