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Exocar as tuning highlight: a lot of engine, no weight

22 March 2023 | 

Do you know what an exocar is? The abbreviation stands for exoskeloton, an absolute eye-catcher among tuning vehicles: exocars have an extremely reduced chassis and use only the absolutely necessary components. One question that afficionados regularly ask themselves is, "Is this part important to get the car moving?" If the answer is no, you can be sure that for the benefit of the lightness in the exocar, it will simply be eliminated and no longer used.

One person who obviously asks himself these questions on a regular basis is influencer Igor Welder. Igor has 126,000 subscribers and his videos have up to 1 million followers. In October 2022, as part of a cooperation with voestalpine Böhler Welding, Igor began welding a donor BMW vehicle into an exocar with a Böhler Welding design, using all of the full welding solution provider's premium products. For those who want to know exactly: Igor welds with Böhler Welding power sources,  filler metals and personal protection equipment.

This "exocar experience" will last about six months, after which the Böhler Welding exocar will be on display at the Nürnburgring. 

Check out the videos to pique your curiosity on how this special journey continues. We will keep you up to date.

Video 1: No one has built this yet! Exocar preparations

Video 2: Cutting car with plasma cutter - Exocar Part 1

Video 3: 8 mm steel plates with URANOS 2000 SMC welding machine

Video 4: Plasma cutter test - What can the Böhler Saber 40 CHP do?

Info for Exocar aficionados

Inspired by the Lotus 7, exocars use the same formula that Lotus founder Colin Chapman once communicated: "Simplify the design and then make it a little lighter, please." It’s actually a clear-cut process, but the results are extremely flashy. After all, more than 160 different manufacturers were inspired to build their version of the Lotus 7.

The focus with exocars, is on the relationship between performance and weight; it's not about sensational horsepower figures. Exocars not only cost a fraction of a sports car, they also weigh much less. In fact, fans of the featherweights compare the incomparable driving experience with that of a sports motorcycle.