Evolution never stops.

SCANDIE steel rules. A brand with outstanding possibilities. SCANDIE is a leading manufacturer of high quality strip steel for die-making in the packaging industry and focuses on supporting our customers with effective solutions. We offer steel rules for any die-cutting operation and help diemakers and converters improve their processes in difficult applications.
Evolution never stops.

Bevel Execution

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Bevel Types

With SCANDIE steel rules we offer a complete range of different bevel types and edge finishes to perfectly meet all diecutting requirements of our customers. The edge machining of SCANDIE rules is done on state-of-the-art equipment, using the latest technologies and unique processes developed in-house. This guarantees outstanding bevel surface quality and minimal tolerances.

CBCenter Bevel
SBSide Bevel
LCBLong Center Bevel
LSBLong Side Bevel

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Bevel Finish

Shaved Edge

As a standard our cutting rules are supplied in shaved edge execution. These rules incorporate good bendabilty, high wear resistance and excellent performance for general die-cutting applications.

Fine Ground Edge
For successfully die-cutting tough materials, such as laminated boards and plastics (PE, PET, PVC), a sharpened cutting edge is required. Our fine ground edge is very sharp and ground to a smooth bevel finish. Offered for edge hardened products only.

Bright Edge
Bright has an extremely sharp edge and mirror-like bevel finish. It permits a clean cut at lowest pressure. Suitable for films and parts in the Electronic industry. Offered for edge hardened products only.

Robust Edge
The tip angle of 75° reduces the risk of cutting pressure overload, so the edge remains sharp longer and increases the rule lifetime. Offered for edge hardened products only.

Height22 - 30 mm
Thickness2pt, 3pt
Bevel typeCB, LCB
Edge angle42°, 52°

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Edge Coating


The thin coating on the rule bevel is designed to reduce friction. This allows die-cutting at lower pressure and reduces angel hair. Suitable for cutting recycled solid board and corrugated board. Available for edge-hardend products only.

This unique coating (hardness ~ 3.000 HV) combines an extremely hard edge and smooth bevel surface with excellent rule bendability. Suitable for long die-cutting runs on cigarette boxes and pharmaceutical packaging. Available for SCANDIE 350 HF and SCANDIE 400 HF rules.