What happens when we bond very hard steel to flexible steel? Conductive to non-conductive steel? Very costly to reasonably priced steel? Whatever the outcome, it only happens when superbly mastered technologies come together. New opportunities. And new ideas.


Added value from a combination - our strength lies in the combination of the latest technologies. From there we develop innovative added value in the application of steel as a material. By joining steel with different metallurgical and physical properties. By cold rolling, annealing, welding or hardening procedures for strip steel with edges or surfaces exhibiting a richness of variation. And with first-class metallurgical quality with specific strip steel machining.

Material expertise - in association with the voestalpine Group, we control all quality parameters, starting from the specific selection of steel grades. With around 30 steel grades used in day-to-day business, we schedule a finely aligned portfolio that enables us to offer short delivery times and small production volumes. Whenever new ideas for new applications require it, we develop project-specific alloy formulas together with our customers.

Machining expertise - when working steel strips, we combine technological expertise with industrial power - with a latest-generation cold rolling mill in Kematen, Austria. And with unique capabilities in Munkfors, Sweden, where we roll thin strip steel down to a fineness of 10 μm.

Added value from a combination of technologies.


We organise our production deeper. Including more value for you.

Rolling, annealing, slitting, grinding, hardening - we do these tasks efficiently in the industrial machining of strip steel, so that this labor-intensive tasks are not left to you.

We organise our production to be more variable and deeper so that you keep your processes (and costs) flatter in final production.

Near to final product - we use the ability in the cold rolling process to transition your strip steel strip to a profile approximating the final shape. Such as with a finely machined cutting edge for knife blades. This not only cuts down your overhead, it also reduces the loss of metallurgical quality associated with machining processes. With a diverse range of options in edge and surface design, we further reduce your overhead cost and expense in final production.

Process perfect - our production facility is one of the most modern in the world. It unites uncompromising quality and maximum efficiency - in our as well as your production. We broaden your flexible selection options as regards basic materials by machining specific coil weights. We reduce retooling costs with the ability to handle coils with specific coil weight of 24kg/mm. And we optimise the process transition from our to your production by supplying on a needs basis – stacked on pallets for example.

production depth:
For reduced
overhead cost
in final production. 


Whatever inspires you inspires us to help you carry the load.

Our thought processes are not just in terms of "deliveries". We think in terms of objectives and projects - just as our customers, some of whom we have been providing a supporting role to for decades. As their long-term and reliable partner in project realisation.

In the voestalpine Group, we have a truly worldwide innovation leader in strip steel production in the background. Expert metallurgy and engineering teams are on site. Including a sales and technical support network covering more than 60 countries across the globe.

Wherever you want to go. We are at your side up to the realisation. Accompanying you with metallurgy expertise that has grown over a period of 150 years: 
  • Which steel grade is appropriate to meet your requirements?
  • Which special measures are necessary for cold rolling and heat treatment?
  • How can we perfectly match up your products to your expectations? 

At voestalpine Presicion Strip, we assume a personal supportive role. Whatever you need, wherever you want to go.

With the expertise of a technology leader. 
With the backing of the voestalpine Group.



We do not just stay at the surface.

voestalpine Precision Strip is much more than a specialist in strip steel production. We have been dedicating ourselves to metallurgical research for decades - making us a specialist for particular requirements.

The facts and figures speak for themselves - decades of experience in the fields of high quality steel machining and cold-rolled strip production ensure high levels of problem-solving power. The experts in our in-house R&D department are knowledge-leaders in the fields of metallurgy, metalworking and customer applications.

voestalpine Precision Strip is in a position to make any cold-workable steel grade. In the voestalpine network, we have access to the latest melting technologies, such as vacuum and remelting processes, and production of powder-metallurgical steels. If you let us in on your very special requirements, we can provide the right strip steel. Even a completely new steel type if required.

"Your application is our focus. With our diverse range of technology combinations we are your partner for alternatives regarding materials and machining."
Gottfried Gruber, Head of Production

We penetrate down into the depths of the microstructure with sound metallurgical knowledge.


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