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The engineering staff of voestalpine Precision Strip WI in our site in Wisconsin has a combined more than 60 years of experience in the special niche of the precision strip steel industry, especially in the field of hardened and tempered products.
Products -<BR>Made in United States


wisconstrip shock absorber steel is a high-carbon, high strength, valve quality, precision strip steel and is produced from the steel grade C100 which has undergone both a secondary metallurgical treatment as well as a special cold-rolling process. Both of these treatments are designed to yield a strip with the properties required for the dynamic loading conditions found in this application. The subsequent precision heat-treatment combined with in-line surface finishing ensures the required fatigue performance.

Grades: C100

Product Range
Thickness:0.006", 0.008", 0.012", 0.015", 0.018", 0.020"
Thickness tolerance is T2 based on the internationally recognized
Swedish Tolerance Tables for Precision Strip Steel.
Width Range:Various - from "wide" heat-treated, polished and inspected stock.
Width tolerance +/- 0.005"
Surface Finish:Bright hardened and bright polished

Ra < 6uin. Maximum surface roughness. Value is determined with profilometer set to a cut-off length of 0.01in.
The maximum depth of light scratches is 2um. Sporadic light surface defects of a maximum 4um will be tolerated as long as they are not surface discontinuities which would affect fatigue properties of the strip.
Flatness:0.002" PIW (0.2% of the nominal strip width)
Structure:A matrix of fine tempered martensite with a uniform distribution
of fine carbides. No decarburization is allowed.
Edge ConditionSlit, deburred. Skived edges can be supplied for special valve applications.

The above listed thickness, width and hardness ranges are standard. All parameters can be varied for specific customer requirements

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