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The engineering staff of voestalpine Precision Strip WI in our site in Wisconsin has a combined more than 60 years of experience in the special niche of the precision strip steel industry, especially in the field of hardened and tempered products.
Products -<BR>Made in United States

Strip Steel
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Mechanical Trowel Steel
Mechanical trowel steel is used to fabricate trowel blades for motorized concrete surface finishing machines. The material is stamped into blades which include the blanking of mounting holes. The blade is also formed, -i.e.-, bent at an angle along the length of both edges. The blades end up mounted in a finishing machine which is used to smooth out the surface of concrete floors after pouring.

High hardness and uniform structure are critical for good wear resistance and even wear when working with the rough concrete surface. In addition to the uniformity, a fine grained structure is necessary for the blanking of these rather heavy cross sections. Smooth edges are important for an even floor finish.

Grades: C75 and C75Cr1

Range of dimensions
Standard thicknesses0.062", 0.074", 0.082" and 0.092"
Standard widths6.000" and 8.125"
Surface finishbright polished, gold polished, blue polished
Critical parameters

Flatness - 0.001" PIW
HRC 42 - 45 (0.062")
HRC 41 - 44 (0.074")
HRC 40 - 43 (0.082")
HRC 39 - 41 (0.092") 
Edge - smooth, deburred 

Taping Knife Steel
Taping Knife Steel is used to manufacture Taping Knives for use in mounting drywall. The knives are used to smooth the seams at adjacent drywall panels.

Grades: C100

Range of Dimensions
Standard Thicknesses0.0180"
Standard Widths3.875" and 5.000"
Surface Finishblue polished
Critical Parameters

Finish - uniform blue polished
Flatness - 0.001" PIW
Hardness - HRC 49 - 51

Hand Trowel Steel
Used to manufacture Hand Trowels used in the manual finishing of concrete floors and in the spreading of adhesive used in laying ceramic tile flooring.

Grades: C75 and C100

Range of Dimensions
Standard Thicknesses0.020" and 0.026"
Standard Widths3.500", 4.000" and 4.500".
Surface Finishbright polished and blue polished
Critical Parameters

Flatness - 0.001" PIW
Hardness - 48 - 50
Finish - uniform bright or blue