Our Company Values &
TOP 5 Assets

To be one step ahead means for us at voestalpine Precision Strip: On the one hand we want to meet our challenges more consequently and on the other hand we want to create new possibilities.

Our Company Values & <br> TOP 5 Assets-

Only employees with enthusiasm, passion, courage and valueoriented thinking will contribute to the success of our company. Those who have these qualities and attitudes will have the power to leave the safety of mediocrity and proceed in new directions. Only those who radiate enthusiasm will be able to carry others along and set things into motion which will get us closer to our target of being the worldwide number one on the market.

In order to ensure this in the long term, the voestalpine Precision Strip group has defined company values that incorporate economic, ecologic and social criteria in the same way and serve as base to our common self-conception. These values give us orientation, enabling us to reach our ambitious targets and visions together. In this way arises our common daily mission to act in conformity with our company targets – in other words: LIVE THE MISSION INSIDE



We are the leaders in customer service and quality.
We always aim for perfection in our production, cost-, environmental and security management.
Our goal is to be the global number one player in our markets.


We have abandoned the “comfortzone” to go our own way.
We are pioneers who allow individuality and a different mind set.
We are also partners for extraordinary tasks in the combination of materials, methods, procedures and technologies.


We seek long term partnerships and close relations with our customers.
Continuous good results secure our sustainable development.
Our decisions are based on a long term view, and we are well aware of our responsibility towards resources, health and the environment.


We are the innovative company and technology leader in our industry.
We form our future due to our passion for our products and are trend-setters in our industry.


“We do what we say, and we keep our promises”, we are consistent in their implementation and take responsibility. This builds confidence.
We act by example and treat each other with respect and mutual appreciation.
Complying with legal directives, as well as social and ethical guidelines, is our commitment and is binding for us.


Everything in our business life begins and ends with our customers.
We place customer satisfaction in the center of our focus – and we act accordingly


Our high identification with voestalpine Precision Strip shapes our entrepreneurial thinking and actions.
We act with personal engagement and initiatives to reach our goals and results as a team.
We develop skills and talents of our employees and deploy them according to their strengths.
Joint understanding is created through clear communication.


There are many good reasons for choosing voestalpine Precision Strip as your partner.

Here are the five most important ones:

We are experts in the metal industry.-

We are experts in the metal industry.

A world wide leading producer of cold rolled precision strip with tightest tolerances and supplying into the most exacting industry segments.
Our processes are fast and efficient with excellent repeatability.-

Our processes are fast and efficient with excellent repeatability.

We work with the modern production machines on the market; controlling every step of our process with high-tech equipment.
We have extensive in-house R&D facilities.-

We have extensive in-house R&D facilities.

And we are continuously looking to strengthen our customers′ position in their chosen niche markets through the technical development of new products and processes geared to their requirements.
“We do what we say!”.-

“We do what we say!”.

We will not promise you things we cannot achieve. This goes also for our delivery promises. We are committed for the long term and not just a quick fix!
We are acting global.-

We are acting global.

We have a world-wide sales network in more than 60 countries and major stockholding companies in Austria, Sweden, United States, Spain and China.