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The engineering staff of voestalpine Precision Strip WI in our site in Wisconsin has a combined more than 60 years of experience in the special niche of the precision strip steel industry, especially in the field of hardened and tempered products.
Products -<BR>Made in United States

Strip Steel

Strip Steel for Power Springs
Power Springs are used in a wide variety of applications. Examples include - scales, automated door openers, hose and tooling retractors. The constant uncoiling and recoiling is the reason for good, clean round edges and a clean surface finish. Optimization of these characteristics enhances the fatigue properties of the spring. Uniform material hardness and tight geometric tolerances are required for constant torque.

Geometric tolerances and uniformity of hardness are also important for the actual spring manufacturing process. The recoil springs manufactured from this material are produced on high-speed automated equipment.

Grades: C75 and C100

Range of dimensions
Standard thicknesses0.040", 0.055", 0.058", 0.062", 0.072" and 0.076"
Standard widths1.000", 1.250", 1.500", 1.75" and 2.000".
Surface finishScaleless blue (C75) and bright polished (C100)
Critical parameters

Edge condition - round
Hardness - HRC 48 - 51
Surface - no defects
Tolerances - for constant torque

Flat Spring Steel
The number of end uses for this "stock" material is virtually unlimited. Much of the product is sold to Service Centers who serve an almost infinite number of smaller end users for a number of applications. High-volume examples include flat springs and blanked parts and shim stock.
A large volume of product also goes straight to stamping houses, again for a large variety of blanked parts, washers and blades.

Grades: C75 and C100

Range of Dimensions
Standard Thicknesses

0.004", 0.005", 0.006", 0.008", 0.010",
0.012", 0.015", 0.018", 0.020", 0.025",
0.030", 0.032", 0.035", 0.040", 0.042",
0.050" and 0.062"
Standard Widths6.000", 12.375", 18.375" and 24.000"
Surface Finishscaleless blue, bright polished, blue polished
Critical Parameters

Flatness - 0.002PIW
Surface - uniform finish
Hardness - +/- 1.5 HRC