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voestalpine High Performance Metals is pleased to offer Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating services. Our state-of-the-art coating centres are equipped with the latest in PVD coating process technology. PVD coating is a vacuum coating technique, in which a film is created to maintain a harder surface on the target material. This film extends the life of the tool, lowers tool maintenance and improves overall part quality. This allows for the PVD coated part to operate in an environment that it otherwise may be unable to perform in.

An irreplaceable quality of PVD coatings is that it uses lower temperature for the application process avoiding the disadvantages of procedures such as CVD coating, in which the tool has to go through the process of becoming soft post-coating, and then re-hardened again – putting it at risk of becoming distorted.

Our PVD Coating Centre specializes in creating custom coatings for the automotive, medical, firearm, die casting and plastic injection tooling industries; but we are equipped to accommodate a wide variety of customer needs.

The coating center operates alongside the company’s steel divisions and thermal processing division, offering an unparalleled level of service compared to any special steel company worldwide.
At no time before has a steel distributor been able to advise on an application with material selection, heat treatment specifications, and coating technology optimized as a complete solution. Our unique understanding of all three components allows voestalpine to develop complete solutions without compromise and with assured quality throughout the supply chain.

We take pride in delivering the very best customer service and are dedicated to offering competitive prices for exceptional quality and fast delivery to our customers.
voestalpine is committed to delivering high performance coatings done on the same reliable equipment used at our locations worldwide, accommodating our globally expanding client base.

For more information about our complete line of products and services, speak to one of our application specialists.

Additional Information

The PVD Coating Services are provided by voestalpine eifeler Coatings, a wholly owned member of the voestalpine Group.


Duplex-VARIANTIC Coating

VARIANTIC coatings is a high performance coating consisting of a specially designed plasma-nitriding process combined with a low temperature nano-layered PVD coating. This nano-layered feature greatly reduces stress and improves ductility, which increases coating longevity by preventing microcracks in the film. VARIANTIC coating was developed to avoid the distortions and disadvantages associated with high temperature coating processes such as CVD and TD coating, all while providing equivalent results. This coating allows for tools to be easily stripped and re-coated multiple times to maximize tool life without damage to the substrate. VARIANTIC coating is ideal for high pressure applications where adhesive and abrasive wear of the tool is significantly reduced providing impressive production enhancements.

Duplex-TIGRAL Coating


Tigral coating is designed for tools in need of very high resistance against oxidation and abrasion. It is a two stage coating process, composed of a Plasma Nitride and followed by a mono layered matrix coating. This mono-layered matrix composition creates a very ductile film ideal for abrasive environments such as die casting and hot forging. TIGRAL coating avoids the drawbacks associated with high temperature coatings, but easily matches their performance levels. The low temperature application process allows for the metallurgical characteristics of the steel to be maintained. The unique chemistry of TIGRAL offers protection from materials that corrosively attack the tool steel, which results in reduced adhesive wear and alloying between work and tool materials, enhancing part release and greater productivity.

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