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#OurFavoriteThings – “And Action!” for our brand ambassadors

Ulrike Haider-Schwarz
Als Kommunikatorin berichtet Ulrike Haider-Schwarz für voestalpine rund um aktuelle Schwerpunkte. Ihre Artikel geben regelmäßig Einblicke in die vielfältige Arbeitswelt, die innovativen Produkte & Services und spannenden Zukunftsperspektiven des Konzerns.

When we are interested in people and want to learn more about them, we often ask them, "What interests them?" This is how connections, sympathy and understanding for each other are created.

This is precisely what our new brand and image campaign “picks up on and opens up a quite “personal insight” into our world – a world in which we, as a globally leading steel and technology group, bear a major responsibility for progress on future topics including energy, greentec steel, women in technology, training, sustainability and innovation. As a global company we work with great passion and know-how to shape the future and lead by example. “Our Favorite Things” not only tells the story of our path to a green future, but also of the vision behind it.


With musical lightness, the campaign tells of the products, the processes and the underlying attitude of the voestalpine Group as experienced by our employees. They are the ones who play a key role in our success. The scenes are approachable and authentic. The pictures show a familiar environment – a space for new ideas that brings people together. With “Our Favorite Things,” we invite people to become part of a better future together with us and want to inspire them to follow our path.

The importance of this image and brand campaign for employees

Markus, LogServ Linz

“I am part of the brand campaign because I identify with the values lived by the voestalpine Group. I am proud to work in such a responsible company.”


Christoph, voestalpine Böhler Edelstahl Kapfenberg

“For me, filming the new brand campaign was a great opportunity to combine my job and my passion ‘singing’. For me personally, it was very special to be able to use the new special steel plant in Kapfenberg as a stage.”


Liang, voestalpine additive manufacturing center GmbH Düsseldorf

“I want to show people how nice it is when your job is also your hobby. Similar to our industrial production, filmmaking seems simple and easy, but there is a lot of teamwork and effort behind it.”


Lisa, voestalpine Signaling Zeltweg

“I immediately thought to myself: yes, I’d love to take part in this! I like the idea of showing employees as singing testimonials. That’s why I really wanted to be part of it.”


Gabriela, voestalpine Metal Engineering GmbH – Marketing Communication Agency Donawitz

“Participating in the global brand campaign was a cool opportunity and casual change for me.”


Michael, voestalpine Metal Engineering GmbH Kindberg

“I thought to myself: brilliant! The invitation to film sounded exciting and the opportunity to be part of such a cool project was something I definitely didn’t want to miss.”


Michaela, voestalpine Stahl GmbH Linz

“I am proud to be part of the voestalpine family and to show this in the campaign. Although I don’t like to sing at all, it still motivated me to apply to show others what #OurFavoriteThings are.”


Ulrike Haider-Schwarz

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