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Mechanical engineer Lukas on custom work on rails and his #OurFavoriteThings

Mechanical engineer Lukas on custom work on rails and his #OurFavoriteThings

Lukas is part of the team responsible for the final step of installing the products for our customers. At voestalpine Railway Systems he ensures that on every continent the rails, turnouts, signaling technology, and monitoring systems used in mass transit, high-speed transport, and freight transport all coordinate to create a perfect system.

Portrait photo of voestalpine employee Lukas K with work clothes, safety helmet and goggles
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It all started with his father, who inspired Lukas and his sister by coming home with tales of everything he did at work. But to help him decide on his future career, Lukas spent three days at the company looking behind the scenes, where he became fascinated with mechanical engineering. In 2015 he started his apprentice training in this field, and has been “on track” ever since.

Tolerance of +1 to -2 millimeters

The process of forming teams and allocating tasks starts at 6 am for Lukas and his colleagues. Then they head off to work on the rails in teams of two or three: depending on whether the turnouts he is installing are outwards or inwards curving turnouts, he loads the sleepers onto the “sleeper trolley”, lays out the rails, and marks the position of the sleeper. Then the precision work begins. If you think installing rails is done by rule of thumb, you’d be completely wrong. “Over a length of 30 meters, a rail with a track width of 1437 millimeters has a maximum tolerance of +1 to -2 millimeters,” says Lukas, explaining the precise nature of his work. What he needs for his work is extreme precision, the ability to work as a team, and to think logically. After all, who wants to fall off the rails?

Over a length of 30 meters, a rail with a track width of 1437 millimeters has a maximum tolerance of +1 to -2 millimeters

Lukas P
Mechanical engineer, voestalpine Railway Systems

#OurFavoriteThings—what excites Lukas:

  • Speaking politely to anyone and everyone
  • Working together as a team
  • Fun

Lukas not only has a smile on his face in the film, but almost always when he’s working. His working days are “Fun!” he says, with—as expected—a smile😊. And that’s also important to him, because having fun and cracking jokes with colleagues between phases of concentration brings the team together and makes it stronger. It is the differences between each customers’ specific requirements that add that little extra to the day’s entertainment—although the work is still well organized and undertaken with an eye to safety. Problems are resolved immediately, and not put off to deal with later.

Spontaneous in the film

In #OurFavoriteThings Lukas walks along the length of the rails with his colleagues, taking final measurements. He spontaneously offered to feature in the film, and even sang for the video. But this isn’t going to be a second leisure time hobby—that remains auto tuning. His car is fitted out with a cool exhaust, custom rims, rear lights, front apron, side skirts, and a roll bar. The tuning meetings start up again in May.

Image campaign #OurFavoriteThings

Energy, greentec steel, education, sustainability, innovation and, first and foremost, people: all core elements of our latest brand campaign. By moving away from technical datasheets demonstrating our capabilities and turning to real stories, the campaign offers insights into the world of our employees—the people who, as part of the voestalpine team, play a key role in the company’s success. They speak about what excites and moves them—our favorite things, if you will.

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