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We as voestalpine are a leading aerospace supplier of forgings and highly resistant components made of special steel grades, titanium alloys, and aluminum. voestalpine parts are integrated into all of the major aircraft manufacturers’ models.

Additive manufacturing: the aerospace test of maturity
The idea is constructive in the truest sense of the word: the pioneering process of additive manufacturing is a construction method which is increasingly gaining acceptance in the aerospace industry. It is also being tested at voestalpine.
Higher, faster, lighter: aerospace and the pursuit of lightness
When building aircraft, every gram counts, because weight-reduced parts made of high-performance materials not only make aviation safer, they make it more economical and sustainable. The lightweight construction philosophy at voestalpine ensures maximum quality combined with the lowest possible weight.

greentec steel

Donawitz: the team behind greentec steel
The entire project team is already caught up in the excitement of greentec steel, and not just in Linz. As part of Austria’s largest climate protection program and voestalpine’s most extensive investment project to date, a fresh, green steel wind is now also blowing at the site in Donawitz. It is a megaproject, one that […]
greentec steel: the people behind the megaproject
Austria’s largest climate protection program and the most extensive investment project in our company’s history: greentec steel. A project only made possible thanks to the people behind it. Read on to learn more about the members of the project team in Linz.