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New photovoltaic systems for a greener future at the Bruck/Mur site

4 January 2024 | 

voestalpine Wire Technology not only stands for the production of high-quality wire solutions, but also for the increased use of sustainable energy sources in production. An important step in this direction is the recent installation of three photovoltaic (PV) projects (2 PV systems, in 3 different construction modes) in addition to the two existing hydropower plants at the Bruck/Mur site, which will increase in-house electricity production to a remarkable 40% and drive forward the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Clean energy, bright prospects: voestalpine Wire Austria relies on the power of the sun

New pv systems for a greener future

The new PV systems are not only environmentally friendly, but also an important milestone in our sustainability strategy at voestalpine Wire Technology. Around 40% of the electricity required at the Bruck an der Mur site already comes from our two on-site hydroelectric power plants. With the new PV systems, we are driving forward the increase in our own electricity production even further. This not only means more independence, but also a further reduction in CO2 emissions.

One of the three new PV systems is particularly innovative - it not only completely replaces the hall roof, but also brings more light into our workspaces. This not only creates a more pleasant atmosphere, but also helps to improve occupational safety. We are constantly looking for new ways to make our contribution to a sustainable future.

Expressed in figures, this means that the total output of our PV systems of 267 kWp corresponds to the average annual consumption of around 80 households. This not only illustrates the scale of our efforts, but also puts the dimension of our sustainable energy generation into a context that each of us can understand. The total area of the new PV systems is approx. 1390 m┬▓.

The installation of the PV systems brings us another step closer to our goal of achieving CO2 net neutrality (Scope 1 -2) by 2035. voestalpine Wire Austria will continue to find innovative ways to produce in an even more environmentally friendly way and make our site an even better place for all of us.

Environmental friendliness benefits everyone!

voestalpine Wire Austria not only relies on innovative technologies, but also creates tangible benefits for all - customers and employees:

  • Environmentally friendly: Renewable and clean energy for a greener future.
  • Bright workplace: More natural light for a more pleasant working environment.
  • Safety: More work safety thanks to bright rooms.
  • Independence: With around 40% of our own electricity generation, we are a big step ahead.
  • Green electricity guarantee: 100% green electricity & electricity from our own waste recycling at all Austrian locations.

Investing in renewable energy is not only good for the environment, but also for our community here in Bruck/Mur. We are proud to make our contribution to a greener future.

says the management on the significance of this step.

We invite you to join us on this journey, because a clean energy future starts today. Interested in further sustainable solutions for the wire industry? Follow our path to net CO2 neutrality (Scope 1-2) by 2035 and discover our vision, measures and success stories!

Sustainability at voestalpine Wire Technology