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16 April 2021 | 

Robots and high-speed cameras play a key role in the Wire Technology Centre. Material, surface and forming create the framework within which the product is further researched and developed.

A coating robot which can automatically apply a laboratory designed coating or carry out pickling or cleaning tests, is responsible for surface optimization, for example: While forming on a fully instrumented drawing machine, various measuring systems such as eddy-current testers, high-speed cameras and vibration-measuring equipment are used. That means that in-line testing can be set up from the start without the need to intervene in ongoing production.


We offer flexible and tailor-made solutions to meet current and future market requirements. For this purpose, we support our customers with a team of developers, researchers and product managers who understand the requirements for products and derive relevant product features from them. An optimized process chain - supported by the latest analysis, simulation and process technology - then ensures quality. This is how we guarantee satisfaction.

Flexible solutions by targeted research and development in our technical center means:

  • Constant expansion of our product portfolio & partnership-based material development
  • Fast-track product launch through certified processes and many years of experience
  • An uncomplicated transition to series production thanks to ongoing support from our R&D team