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Wire solutions from voestalpine Wire Technology at the start of the Olympics

4 February 2022 | 

Wherever snow, ice and cold dominate, the highest demands are placed on the quality of the materials used there – and this applies in particular to winter sports equipment. voestalpine Wire Technology supplies high-quality materials as starting material for the production of ski edges, among other things. PERFORMANCE IN WIRE from voestalpine Wire Technology thus also provides the basis for top performance for the professional athletes at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

The specially alloyed materials are used, for example, in skiing, where extreme temperatures, a corrosive environment and enormous loads require the use of highly demanding steel grades. Round wire from voestalpine Wire Technology serves as the starting material for the production of particularly resistant ski edges. For decades, voestalpine wire has been processed by an Austrian manufacturer of shear blades – of which there are only two in the world – for use in leisure and racing sports.

The type of steel used has a significant influence on the respective skiing and running properties as well as the lifetime of the skis. After all, an Olympic downhill race – at up to 130 km/h – demands everything not only from the professional athlete, but also from the material used. voestalpine also makes a significant contribution to ensuring a perfect hold in the boot: with high-quality primary material that is used in the ski boot buckles of renowned manufacturers.

Good luck to all athletes and thank you for your trust in PERFORMANCE IN WIRE!