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Wire Family Business - Balancing family, work, and shift work

11 September 2023 | 

Two families at voestalpine Wire Austria in Bruck show how they skillfully juggle all aspects of work-family life. 


Beriwan Caliskan and her partner Andreas Gerold work shifts in production at voestalpine Wire Austria. Beriwan Caliskan is responsible for the commissioning and preparation of shipments in the wire bindery, Andreas Gerold is a foreman representative with foreman duties.

In their case, shift work is what makes family life possible in the first place. In their private lives, their three children Aylin, seven, Elias, five, and Elena, three, keep them busy. Andreas Gerold and Beriwan Caliskan work opposite shifts so that one parent can always be at home with the children. They can also count on the support of their large family at all times.

As important as planning is at work, the family enjoys organizing their free time spontaneously. On weekends, family time with the kids is at the top of the to-do list, and regular mommy-daughter days with shopping, a movie or a beauty day are not to be missed. They all enjoy spending their weekends together swimming or relaxing at home in the big garden.

Beriwan Caliskan and her partner Andreas Gerold
Josef Schäffer and his wife Anita Schäffer


Soccer, school, work, archery: There's always a lot going on with the Schäffer family. Josef Schäffer and his wife Anita Schäffer are parents of two sons, 16 and 13 years old, and employees in production at voestalpine Wire Austria. Josef Schäffer works five shifts in the annealing shop, while his wife Anita works three shifts as a forklift driver in internal logistics.

Since the two work different shift patterns, their working hours only coincide on a daily basis. Good organization is therefore the key to combining family and career in the best possible way. The fact that Josef Schäffer's working hours are set a whole year in advance and that his two sons already manage their daily lives quite independently helps the family with their planning. If there are unforeseen circumstances that need to be managed, Josef and Anita Schäffer are unbeatable as a family.

The next generation in the family business is also already in the starting blocks. The elder son of the two works for voestalpine Wire Austria and is currently completing his apprenticeship as an industrial electrician.

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