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Sustainability management to be proud of!

20 June 2023 | 

Best results in the NQC Supplier Assurance SAQ 5.0 for voestalpine Wire Austria and voestalpine Wire Rod Austria

Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) - Sustainability Questionnaire


The NQC SAQ 5.0 is a supplier self-assessment questionnaire for the automotive (supply) industry that can be completed by companies to evaluate their sustainability performance. The questionnaire contains a series of questions on various sustainability topics such as energy and resource efficiency, waste management, supply chain management and social responsibility.

The NQC SAQ 5.0 was developed by a group of sustainability experts and is based on proven methods and standards for sustainability assessments. The questionnaire is designed to be applicable to companies of all sizes and industries. 

NQC is an independent service company that assigns the sustainability rating.

Performance in Sustainability - voestalpine Wire Technology achieves best results in NQC Supplier Assurance Rating

Excellent results were achieved by the voestalpine Wire Technology sites in Bruck an der Mur and St. Peter/Freienstein. With a sustainability performance of 91% (voestalpine Wire Rod Austria) and 92% (voestalpine Wire Austria), the activities and measures of both Wire Technology companies are absolutely impressive in comparison.

This SAQ score is an indicator of the company's sustainability performance. It is also a measure of the company's performance compared to the industry average and the average SAQ score for the country of the respective company location.

The result of the NQC SAQ 5.0 rating confirms the constant and excellent performance of the respective teams within voestalpine Wire Austria and voestalpine Wire Rod Austria, for which I would like to thank them wholeheartedly.

Head of Corporate Strategy and Sustainability

voestalpine Wire Technology stands for Performance in Sustainability

Sustainability is an essential principle for all decisions and actions in the company. It extends over the entire product life cycle, from the procurement of raw materials, through production and recycling, to education and training, and the health and diversity of employees.

We take responsibility for society and our environment. Our corporate culture stands for building long-term partnerships and reliability on many levels. As early as the product development stage, we pay attention to the ecological footprint and maximum sustainability of our products. This is how we guarantee Performance in Sustainability.

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