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Quality optimization through data governance - Innovative into the future!

8 February 2024 | 

The digital transformation is shaping our working world. We use digitalization for change and use data governance to optimize the quality of our wire products.

Data governance as a competitive advantage

PERFORMANCE IN WIRE. Our performance in wire production is significantly influenced by digitalization. Find out how we at voestalpine Wire Technology rely on data governance to continuously improve the quality of our wire products and ensure the highest standards.

Data governance encompasses all processes that ensure the security, accuracy, availability and usability of data as well as data protection. A modern, web-based cataloging tool changes the way we handle process data and supports our competitiveness. With an innovative solution, our IT and digitalization team creates a dynamic mapping of the data landscape that goes beyond conventional data catalogs for documentation and analysis.

Time-saving data analysis and flexible lifecycle management

The data catalog automatically compares product information with time series data.  The method seamlessly automates the lifecycle management of data, significantly shortens the time between data request and data entry and thus makes internal processes faster and more flexible.

Advantages for customers:

  • Higher product quality through efficient data analysis
  • Faster processes thanks to autonomous data pipelines in the departments
  • Direct insight into current process values for better decisions

The tireless efforts of the entire team show that we are not only part of the future of data governance, but are actively shaping it.

How can we help you?

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