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myIDEA Honor 2023

13 July 2023 | 

Honor to whom honor is due - review and reward for excellent idea management at voestalpine Wire Rod Austria.

In the past fiscal year 2022/23, around 60% of the workforce again voluntarily participated in idea management and, together with the improvement measures implemented by specialist and sub-process managers, they achieved considerable benefits for the company.

A total of almost 550 measures were completed, which were intensively discussed and analyzed in expert groups in weekly myIDEA workshops. The joint development of the solution paths with the involvement of the idea submitters, implementers and expert reviewers enables a broad knowledge and know-how for the optimal processing of the ideas.

As a thank you for their willingness and participation in myIDEA, employees from different improvement methods and categories were rewarded for their achievements.

The VIP lounge at the Red Bull Ring was available for the entire morning, where idea and lean manager, Jasmin Finster, was able to report on the positive development of myIDEA and, together with the employee and worker works council, presented awards in 10 different categories:

Occupational safety • Fire protection • Energy saving • Optimization of internal processes • Prevention of downtimes • Product quality • Reduction of workload • Damage reduction • Most active CIP group • Expert services

This was followed by a guided tour with the Deputy Race Director, who provided insights into the state-of-the-art Race Control and an overview of the entire Red Bull circuit with its high safety requirements and standards.

Then it was on to the challenging off-road terrain, where the 40 participants from voestalpine Wire Rod Austria GmbH mastered daring obstacles, steep slopes and bumpy paths through the forest. This required the utmost concentration and teamwork.

The myIDEA honor was a complete success! With this form of appreciation, we will once again manage to motivate employees to sustainably improve all processes in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

Jasmin Finster (she has been promoting the improvement culture at voestalpine's Donawitz site for 20 years)