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PERFORMANCE IN INNOVATION: 5 challenges, 10 teams and 24 hours of time.

25 November 2021 | 

As part of the TU Austria Innovation Marathon, students dealt with a task from the Wire Technology business unit again this year.

In short, the Wire Technology Challenge consisted of creating a concept of how and with which tools customer communication could be efficiently handled in five to 10 years. “Our team included students from Mexico, Finland, China and Saudi Arabia, and after just 20 minutes, the first roughly sketched solutions were presented in a 2-minute pitch. It was amazing how good these spontaneous solutions were," says the head of research services, Walter Berger, who worked out the task together with Manfred Strecher, CSO voestalpine Wire Rod Austria GmbH and Peter Gruber, head of R&D and was available as a coach for the students in 24 highly concentrated hours.

Innovation at voestalpine Wire Technology

To meet present and future market demands, we have a well-trained and highly motivated team of developers, researchers and product managers at the disposal of our customers, who understand the requirements you place on our products and can infer the relevant product features ensuring an optimized process chain that is supported by the very latest analysis, simulation and process technology. In that way we can ensure that your demands are implemented and enable tailor-made material solutions.