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9 March 2021 | 

Protect yourself & safeguard others - At voestalpine, the health of our employees is of paramount importance. Immediately following the emergence of the coronavirus, we started taking appropriate measures and drawing up recommended courses of action for our employees, suppliers, and partners.

FFP2 masks are compulsory within our company premises

voestalpine prioritises the wellbeing of its employees, customers and partners. That's why the safety standards have been expanded and extended since the beginning of the pandemic.

In view of the spread of the coronavirus, we have taken further measures. In addition to clear hygiene and safety guidelines, we wear FFP2 masks to protect everyone throughout the company premises. Together, we can thus prevent any further spread.

Internal contact tracing is of top priority for us

The past year has challenged us all. Ongoing infections and mutations keep emerging globally. In order to be able to act quickly, our safety standards have been expanded and we have established an internal fast-track "contact tracing".  In case an employee is tested positive, all direct contacts of these employees are immediately identifiable, and further tests and additional organizational measures (e.g. extended contact tracing) can be carried out.

In challenging times, we direct our efforts to ensure that our customers are supplied while maintaining our high standard of service.

Our internal test center helps with early detection

"Thanks to our internal test center, we can identify infected people at an early stage without endangering other employees and thus maintain ongoing operations whilst protecting and supplying our customers and partners. We want to thank our employees for their discipline and perseverance in these challenging times.” Gunter Korp, COO, voestalpine Wire Rod Austria

Since mid-2020, we have carried out extensive Covid-19 tests within our workforce at Donawitz (Styria, Austria). Furthermore, since the beginning of February 2021, all our employees have been tested in testing campaigns taking place every second day in our specially provided internal test center. To date more than 2250 tests (antigen and PCR tests) have been carried out in our internal test line.

The aim of all these measures is to protect our employees and customers and to avoid negative impacts on the supply chain as far as possible.

PERFORMANCE IN WIRE: This is what we stand for - regardless of the circumstances.