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Class sponsorship with the Higher Technical College (HTL) in Kapfenberg

11 March 2024 | 

A company visit to voestalpine Wire Austria in Bruck an der Mur marked the start of a five-year cooperation in the form of a class sponsorship with the first class of the mechatronics specialization (1BHME) at HTL Kapfenberg. The focus is on practical experience for the students.

26 students, the head of the class and the director of the HTL in Kapfenberg visited our company and gained an insight into our wire drawing plant at voestalpine Wire Austria GmbH in Bruck an der Mur.

This partnership not only promotes practical experience, but also valuable contacts and potential career paths. We accompany the students for five years, offering project opportunities and vacation jobs.

A comprehensive company presentation by Managing Director Martin Reicher was followed by an exciting tour of the modern wire drawing plant. The students were able to take a look behind the scenes of a technology company and get an idea of the processes, operational procedures and quality wire products, as well as gaining insights into individual areas of work.

Through discussions with employees and managers, the students were not only able to deepen their understanding of the world of work, but also make valuable contacts and gain insights into potential career paths.

5 years of class sponsorship for the first class of mechatronics at HTL Kapfenberg

The cooperation with HTL Kapfenberg 1BHME includes a class sponsorship that is set to run for five years. A number of highlights are planned as part of this extensive cooperation:  Accompanying pupils through their school years and providing insights into the world of work - these are the primary goals. Pupils will also have the opportunity to work on interesting projects and learn from our experienced team.

The real added value of this partnership lies in the interpersonal aspect. The students have the opportunity to gain practical experience through holiday jobs and project work and at the same time get to know the company better. This offers a unique opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice and gain professional orientation. We hope that this will provide us with well-trained young employees.

Barbara Winkler, HR Manager at the Bruck an der Mur site

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