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International trainee program at voestalpine Wire Technology - a look behind the scenes

20 September 2022 | 

voestalpine Wire Technology is offering an international trainee program for the first time. A unique opportunity for training-on-the-job in an international context.

What does the trainee program mean exactly?

We asked Stefan Rieser, who supports our business unit in the area of controlling.

What do I particularly like about the trainee program?

Job rotation. The fact that I get to support various colleagues in different activities during the course of the trainee program means that my day-to-day work is very varied and exciting. Another advantage is that I quickly gain a comprehensive insight into the workflows and processes of the BU Wire Controlling department.

What are challenges?

In the first few weeks, the biggest challenge was certainly to get an overview of such a large group, the work and customs within the company, and the products of our business unit.

My Italian course will be starting soon, which will prepare me for my stay at voestalpine Wire Italy. Since I don't speak this language at the moment, this will certainly be an exciting challenge.


And the internship abroad?

As already mentioned, my internship will take me to voestalpine Wire Italy, near Treviso. I am already in contact with some colleagues from there in the course of a project and since I have not yet had any longer professional stays abroad, I am already particularly looking forward to this experience.

Benefits: how do I benefit for my professional future?

Through the trainee program, I can certainly benefit from the fact that I am involved in a wide variety of processes and projects and can actively contribute to them. I work with many different colleagues, which gives me the advantage of being able to observe a wide variety of perspectives and approaches for the best possible performance of tasks.

On the one hand, this allows me to deepen my knowledge in my field and, on the other hand, to learn how to view and understand operational processes and procedures holistically. 

What else I would like to say: Collaboration with colleagues, etc.

I consider myself very lucky that I have ended up in a very friendly and helpful team. There is a very positive working atmosphere and the colleagues always take the time to explain new things to me.