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Win-win situation at Wire Rod Austria:

10 November 2022 | 

At voestalpine Wire Rod Austria, projects on the subject of occupational safety and accident prevention are handled entirely by the apprentices. The following are the details from Christian Saiger.

In addition to responsibility and independent work, the apprentices acquire many social and technical skills. The following are the details from Christian Saiger.

Time and time again, apprentices take on smaller jobs in our company that have to do with the topic of occupational safety.

Christian Saiger, Apprenticeship Coordinator voestalpine Wire Technology

The last occupational safety project was handled entirely by our apprentices - great!

During a safety inspection on July 19, 2022, with our management, the inadequate protection of the motors/pumps directly next to the roadway area in the Garrett lift area was criticized - under certain circumstances, one would be confronted with the risk of falling or high property damage due to forklift traffic.

The remedy for this deficiency was this time taken over by the apprentice department.

The planning, ordering of the required parts, and setting of date were done by two apprentices of the "Mechanical Maintenance" department on the same day:

Laura Wimberger - Mechanical Technician, 3 LJ.

Tobias Wolfahrt - mechanical engineering technician, 2 LJ.

The 2 dedicated trainees took over the complete process from order, acceptance, assembly, and length adjustment to documentation (measurement database)!


By carrying out such projects, it is possible for us to rectify such defects very quickly and it also relieves the maintenance department. Not only did our apprentices realize a great practical exercise in the form of an occupational safety project, but we were also able to avoid having to resort to outside companies.

The continuous improvement of occupational safety has a very high priority at voestalpine Wire Rod Austria. Our apprentices can also experience and help shape this in practice as part of these tasks!

Gunter Korp, Management Board

Absolute WIN-WIN situation

The trainees have practical training on the construction site, learn project and schedule responsibility, and save a good 1,500 euros compared to outsourcing.

Design emergency island

The fact that such projects are also not "flash in the pan", but will constantly accompany the training in the future, is proven by the apprentices' follow-up project, the "design of an emergency island".

Here, the apprentices will produce a "model emergency island" that will serve as a template for the entire BU Wire and will be adopted everywhere in the same scheme.

Knowledge enhancement

In my training as a mechanical engineering technician, we are mainly concerned with mechanical maintenance on the rolling stand. The assembly and adjustment of a railing was new to me! Now I know where I can best shorten the railing, how I can reattach it - without having to repaint a lot - and what options there are for attaching it to different substrates. I can then apply this not only at work, but also at home or in the private sphere.

Tobias Wolfahrt - Mechanical Engineer,, 2 LJ.

It really fascinated me how much work goes into a relatively small project like this! Normally, we don't get to see the ordering or the obtaining of several offers, the acceptance of goods and the documentation of such measures. It's nice to be able to see or accompany not only the assembly, but the whole way of such a project. Now I can imagine much better what preliminary work has to be done for a large project until it can be implemented.

Laura Wimberger - mechanical engineering technician, 3rd year apprenticeship.

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