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New image video of voestalpine Wire Technology

20 June 2022 | 

When moving images become moving: What drives us? What makes us tick? - "Performance in Wire

It touches, has a lasting effect and captivates its viewers with emotions - we proudly present: "Performance in Wire", the new image film of voestalpine Wire Technology, which will be launched on June 20 during the WIRE trade fair in D├╝sseldorf.

Wire Technology CEO Christian Pehmer on the new image video:


"What drives us? What makes us stand out? The image video ,Performance in Wire' reflects the identity of voestalpine Wire Technology. On the one hand, our story revolves around this young, athletic, flexible employee who finds great situational solutions. On the other hand, we show her father, who also represents a voestalpine employee and who, with his wealth of experience and knowledge, vouches for quality and drives innovation.


In sum, ,Performance in Wire' relies on the collaboration of both characters. That is what makes up the Performance in Wire family! Because only together do we manage to live and anchor quality, innovation, flexibility and above all sustainability in what we do. A truly very successful image film and, above all, a milestone in our corporate communications - I hope you see it in a similar light. I wish you good entertainment!"


The team:

Cast: Ramona Rieger, Andreas Mittermair
Director & Camera: Nico Auer
Light, sound, grip: Bernd Wohlmuth & Dietmar Zechner
Photographer: Klaus Morgenstern
Flap & Set Runner: Angelika Mohr





Many different factors came together: two actors, a set photographer, a lot of equipment and props - including a Model A Ford from the '30s - and four different, sometimes remote locations. But thanks to the great team, we were able to produce a film that - I think - exceeded expectations.

Nico Auer, head of the creative team at the divisional MarCom Agency

A powerful tool in professional communication: The new Wire image video combines Past. Present. Performance in Wire.


"Progress moves us forward and lets us create quality and solutions, but always demands flexibility from us in all actions.
Experience shows us the way, innovation opens up new paths.
Technologies light our way, sustainability shapes our actions."