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„It's even better than I imagined"

22 September 2022 | 

Laura Wimberger is doing an apprenticeship as a mechanical engineering technician (3rd year), and currently works on the rolling mill at voestalpine Wire Rod Austria. Why does she enjoy working at voestalpine? In an interview, she revealed why.

Laura Wimberger on what's crucial in choosing a career ...

That I do what I enjoy and can look forward to going to work.

About the apprenticeship ...

... It's even better than I imagined, and I'm having a lot of fun.

About voestalpine premium products ...

... It's fascinating to see how the finished wire is created from a billet in our plant. I also think it's great that I get to know all the machines and systems in my job through the maintenance work. And I'm proud of the top quality of our wires.

I would like to specifically mention our extremely high quality and unbeatable wire, and with the colleagues from the "rail" the longest rail made in one piece with 120 meters throughout.

On the subject of digitization ...

All error messages are displayed on our screens by means of sensors. In this way, we can already intervene and, if necessary, correct the error.

What makes this apprenticeship special ...

I have particularly good opportunities for advancement and can also continue to train during my apprenticeship. What's special about my job is that I get to contribute to getting plants up and running and can help wherever I can, or everything is explained to me and I get trained everywhere.

What activities are the focus of your training?

My job consists mainly of keeping the machines and equipment on the rolling line running, or maintaining and repairing them.

What three qualities does a job need to have to be attractive to you?

  • Varied tasks
  • good accessibility
  • good working environment and nice colleagues

About the fact of liking to go to work in the morning....

I really enjoy my training because I have really great colleagues.

When moments are remembered ...

I have fond memories of the first few days, when I came to Wire Rod as part of the run through all the operations and was given a very friendly welcome. Everything was explained to me very well and I was accepted as a full member of the team.

It's even better than I imagined

Laura Wimberger, Wire Rod Austria

What could motivate other young people to apply to voestalpine ...

  • Great company
  • good pay
  • secure job
  • well-structured training
  • lots of free time due to a wide variety of shift models and very good opportunities for advancement


It is an advantage to prepare well for the entrance examination and for the personal interview - the first impression counts. And I advise you to inform yourself in detail about the professions and to find the right profession for you. And always actively ask questions and show interest!

Wishes for the future?

I hope that I will be able to stay at voestalpine and Wire Rod after my apprenticeship.  And that I will be given the opportunity for further training so that I can use my expertise to maintain or even improve the quality of the company.

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