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We proudly present: the new Instagram channel of the young generation of voestalpine Wire Technology has been launched

8 July 2022 | 

As of today, there's a new Instagram channel - and it's from the apprentices/trainees of voestalpine Wire Technology: We apprentices/trainees of Wire Technology are working together here to show our training from our point of view.

Why do we want to tell you our stories?

Because we enjoy our work; because we manufacture great wire products together with our colleagues.

And because we are proud to work in a company that has a cool concept for achieving climate targets!

Everything worth knowing about individual apprenticeships and much more is shown and explained at @voestalpine_wire_technology! Stay tuned!

For example, there will be exciting videos, self-portraits, or processes in which we are significantly involved with our skills, or various projects that we can do as part of our apprenticeship/training.

My name is Stefanie Zeilbauer, and I graduated as a machining technician in 2021 - together with process technician Bernd Hammerer, Jessica Burghart and Laura Wallner, I am part of the wonderful Wire Instagram editorial team.

Our channel is aimed, among others, at young people who are still looking for a suitable company to apply to. What is important to us? To show that wire can do much more than you can imagine! To this end, we offer those who follow us in the future informative, exciting and also humorous insights into our professional and private everyday life.

Each member of our team can post exciting, funny or even everyday things in the story and thus "take our followers on the journey" in an authentic way. Follow us on our channel!

The apprentices are supported by HR management, the apprentice coaches and colleagues from the marketing department.

Christian Saiger

The shortage of skilled workers, which has already persisted for some time, means that apprenticeships are once again becoming increasingly important and valuable. The goal must be to train the required skilled workers again ourselves and to retain them in the company after completion of the apprenticeship through attractive offers and further training opportunities.
Projects like this give us the opportunity to communicate directly with the target group and inform them about the advantages and opportunities of an apprenticeship. The authenticity of this account, which is run exclusively by apprentices and young skilled workers, will be very well received, I think. "Career with apprenticeship" is currently more popular than ever! Do an apprenticeship with the best - become a Wire(Lehr)ling.

Christian Saiger, Apprentice coach at the voestalpine Wire Technology companies in Austria
Ulrike Schnitzer

I am delighted that the Instagram pilot project is being implemented and that our youngest wire generation can present themselves and their profession! Be curious - these are unique insights into the training with us at BU Wire Technology. We look forward to many followers!

Ulrike Schnitzer, HR Manager, BU Wire Technology
Angelika Mohr, Marketing voestalpine Wire Technology

From the target group for the target group - with unprecedented commitment from our apprentices and young skilled workers, we have now launched our voestalpine Wire Technology Instagram channel and thus initiated a pilot project within voestalpine. Stay tuned, subscribe to our channel and follow the colleagues on Instagram

Angelika Mohr, Marketing voestalpine Wire Technology
Gabriela Leitner, MarCom Agency, voestalpine Metal Engineering GmbH

This project is unique within voestalpine. From employees for employees - we are very pleased to finally bring our young and motivated apprentices and young skilled workers in front of the curtain to jointly create great content for existing and potential employees

Gabriela Leitner, MarCom Agency, voestalpine Metal Engineering GmbH
Michael Uhl, MarCom Agency, voestalpine Metal Engineering GmbH

I am very pleased to be involved in such a cool pilot project. I'm particularly excited about working with the dedicated apprentices, who have agreed to create great content directly from their work environment for the employees. Innovative and creative, that's exactly the claim for this Instagram channel. So, everyone subscribe to the channel so you don't miss any more topics!

Michael Uhl, MarCom Agency, voestalpine Metal Engineering GmbH