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Green energy supply at voestalpine Wire Technology sites

11 April 2023 | 

"Renewables" is the magic word in CO2-free energy generation and climate protection: electricity from sources that do not dry up, such as sun, water, wind.

Renewable energies are an important component in the future energy supply. Companies rely on renewable energies such as wind power, solar energy or hydropower to meet the demand for energy and at the same time combat climate change.

A major advantage of renewable energy is that it is inexhaustible and clean. Unlike fossil fuels such as coal or oil, which are limited and release harmful emissions when burned, renewable energies are environmentally friendly and help prevent CO2 emissions.

At voestalpine Wire Technology, we have been using only "green electricity" at all Austrian production sites since as early as 2018. More specifically, at the sites of voestalpine Wire Rod Austria in St. Peter/Freienstein, voestalpine Wire Austria in Bruck/Mur, as well as in our fine wire drawing plant voestalpine Special Wire in F├╝rstenfeld.

Active expansion of our own green power supply

With the motivation to supply the wire rod mill, the three international drawing plants and the fine wire drawing plant with green energy, numerous photovoltaic projects have already been implemented or are currently being implemented, we participate in wind farms and have always had a hydropower plant in operation.

We are actively expanding photovoltaics at our sites


In the full expansion stage, around 20 MWp of photovoltaic capacity will eventually be installed on our roof and outdoor facilities, or achieved through participation in energy parks. In Bruck an der Mur (AT) a PV project is currently being set, in St. Peter-Freienstein (AT) and in Finsterwalde (DE) projects are in planning, in Nervesa della Battaglia (IT) two photovoltaic projects have already been implemented and another one is in planning.

Our photovoltaic plants alone will produce electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of 5,000 Austrians in the future.

We participate in wind farms


In order to further expand our electricity supply, we are also participating in several wind power projects in Styria amounting to 5,500 MWh p.a. for the time being.

This corresponds to the equivalent of the electricity consumption of 1,400 Austrians.

We operate our own river hydropower plant at the Bruck/Mur site


The Bruck/Mur site has always operated its own river hydropower plant. By means of this power plant, the site can be supplied with approximately 35% of its own clean electricity, obtained directly from the river "Mur", which passes the site.

Performance in Sustainability - We live the future.

Our corporate culture stands for building long-term partnerships and reliability on many levels.

As early as the product development stage, we pay attention to the environmental footprint and sustainability of our products. This is how we guarantee Performance in Sustainability.

We take responsibility for society, our environment and the climate. We consistently pursue our goal of operating all voestalpine Wire Technology sites in a CO2 net neutral manner by 2035. By saving emissions in production, we manufacture CO2 reduced products -