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Trainee at voestalpine Wire Germany qualifies as Energy Scout

16 May 2023 | 

Whether it's converting to LEDs, avoiding standby times for electrical devices, or other measures in the work environment, energy efficiency is an economic must for successful companies.

For this reason, voestalpine Wire Germany is participating for the second time in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce initiative

Apprentices are trained as energy scouts. The Energy Scouts workshops are held every year by the Chambers of Industry and Commerce and are free of charge to all trainees and companies.


Apprentices act as energy scouts in their companies, helping to identify and document energy-saving potential and encourage improvements. The necessary know-how is imparted in several workshop modules. The relevant content is taught in a total of 40 hours of workshops and 40 hours of self-study.

Melanie Lossau, HR Manager at voestalpine Wire Germany GmbH

We recommend the participation to our trainees, as the topic of energy and environmental protection is also included in the training framework plan and the trainees thus gain theoretical and practical knowledge, accompanied by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and of course also the Energy Management Officer at voestalpine Wire Germany.

Melanie Lossau, HR Manager at voestalpine Wire Germany GmbH

We take responsibility for society and our environment. Our corporate culture stands for building long-term partnerships and reliability on many levels. As early as the product development stage, we pay attention to the ecological footprint and maximum sustainability of our products. This is how we guarantee Performance in Sustainability.

Paul Barnefsky, an industrial mechanic apprentice at voestalpine Wire Germany GmbH,  Finsterwalde, took part in the most recent "Energy Scouts" course.

He received his certificate (photo) during the subsequent visit to the voestalpine Wire Germany plant by Chamber of Industry and Commerce energy officer Michael Rusch.

"A high energy input is required for the manufacture of our wire products. As part of our certified energy management, we therefore work continuously on improving energy efficiency. The Energy Scouts project of the Brandenburg Chambers of Industry and Commerce makes a great contribution here because the responsible use of energy is taught to the trainees right at the start of their careers. The independent project work and presentation also provide an opportunity to look beyond one's own nose during the apprenticeship. This is the second time we have taken part in the Energy Scouts and we will be happy to do so again in the future.

Christoph Koalick, Energy Management Officer