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Behind the scenes: Performance in Wire – the new image video of voestalpine Wire Technology

30 June 2022 | 

Rated valuable: "Performance in Wire", the new image film of voestalpine Wire Technology was presented to the public on June 20, 2022 at the WIRE trade fair in Düsseldorf.

We take a look behind the scenes and also reveal the secret around the vintage car, which had to be brought back into swing by two colleagues.

From the Weinebene to the Wasserlochklamm in Palfau, from Ehrenhausen to the production sites of voestalpine Wire Technology in St. Peter/Freienstein and Bruck/Mur:

The scenes of the new Wire image video were put in the right light in an eye-catching way at four filming locations.

The voestalpine Wire Technology values of quality, innovation, flexibility and sustainability are reflected in an emotional story, and for Wire CEO Christian Pehmer the new video is a "milestone in corporate communications".
We take a "look behind the camera" with the protagonists.

The team


director, camera: Nico Auer

1st AD, camera, light: Bernd Wohlmuth

light, sound, grip: Dietmar Zechner

Photographer: Klaus Morgenstern

Flap & Set Runner: Angelika Mohr

Cast: Ramona Rieger, Andreas Mittermair

Nico, what was the pivotal point in the treatment?

Nico Auer:

The main motif of the film is certainly the synergy between veteran experience & youthful drive. The whole film plays with the duality of tradition & modernity and then reverses the roles in the plot twist during the scenes in the company.

What challenges did the team face?

We had to come up with sophisticated logistics for four different locations, some of which were very remote.

Bernd, what do you remember, what was your "magic moment"?

Bernd Wohlmuth:

Clearly the professional interaction of the entire crew. If you consider that normally a film crew on a comparable set consists of about 9-10 people, we were able to create a very good basis for the shooting week through intensive preparation.

Everyone supports the other. This is not without effort, but at the end of the day it's the result that counts. And that is something to be proud of!

Angelika, what expectations did you have, were there any surprises for you? What is your summary?

Angelika Mohr:

The shooting days were really hard work, and I'm now all the more pleased that in the end the result is thrilling.

Many thanks to all the colleagues involved for their commitment, motivation and stamina.

From lighting to directing, what was your most exciting, humorous, coolest moment?


Bernd Wohlmuth and Dietmar Zechner give "jump start".

Basically, there was a very positive, comradely atmosphere on all shooting days.

The two actors Ramona and Andreas immediately helped out where "helping hands" were required. With "Dietz" (Dietmar), a colleague, we had a great reinforcement in the film team, and Angelika took care of all logistical challenges.

It was funny when the electric-powered vintage car got "stuck" in a roadside dip on the Weinebene and we had to push the vehicle out.


My moment of "greatest admiration" was when Nico kept his cool despite a short term breakdown in photography.

We were supposed to start shooting in the waterhole gorge area at 06:30 at sunrise and it was quite a challenge to organize a photographer in this remote area on Monday morning.

We solved that as well - this is

Performance in Wire!


The most spectacular and challenging day of shooting was definitely day 1 in the waterhole gorge.

Narrow, icy footpaths and temperature fluctuations from -10°C in the morning to +20°C at noon demanded everything from equipment and team. Since the setting was in a narrow valley, we had to carry all the equipment on foot over hill and dale to the filming location and, on top of that, we had to hurry a lot because we only had very limited sunlight.

In the middle of the last scene, the sun began to disappear behind the mountain peaks, and just as the first shadows reached us, actress Ramona hung in again and we had the perfect take in the can. That was a hair's breadth. When the tension falls away and you know that everything worked out as planned: Those are the best moments.

Good vibrations during the shoot for Wire Technology's new image video.

For me, the new video is a milestone in corporate communications

Wire-CEO Christian Pehmer

Respond flexibly to challenges and generate customized solutions: Let the new voestalpine Wire Technology video surprise you!

Performance in Wire Imagevideo