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Orbital Welding

pipeRunner® - the revolutionary orbital welding system. A state-of-art programmable mechanized MIG/MAG orbital system designed for pipeline and process piping girth welds.

Get the perfect girth welds for your pipeline job site with a result of outstanding material properties for fill an cap layers with the pipeRunner® from Böhler Welding in combination with the diamondspark flux cored wires for pipeline welding.

pipeRunner Produkt

Your benefits:

  • pipeRunner® is designed for girth welds vertical up with flux cored wires
  • One of the lightest system on the market makes it easy to handle
  • All components are first-class products designed in Germany
  • Very easy to maneuver as the remote control has all functions in hand
  • Stress-free transport due to the high quality box and suitcase
  • No need for site beveling machine and internal clamp
  • For high strength pipeline steels but also perfectly suitable for piping and  high alloyed clad pipes 

The pipeRunner® delivers the perfect results welding fill and cap layers uphill with our diamondspark cored wire range specifically designed for pipelines. The pipeRunner® offers a great productivity improvement with a total saving of time (incl. line up) of 66 % compared to full cellulosic SMAW welding procedures. This makes the pipeRunner® ideal for companies who seek for an increase in productivity and include an automatic process on the job site.

Filler layer

Filler layer

cap layer

Cap layer

See our pipeRunner® in Action

Your Advantages at a Glance

      • Intelligent intuitive and logical arrangement of all operating elements (e.g. torch positioner, spool-holder, release lever etc..)
      • Electronics fully integrated
      • Light Weight design makes it very easy to handle
      • Electric motor is top quality DC brushless
      • The System is modular and possible to upgrade
      • Designed for vertical up FCAW welding but also enabled for vertical down with GMAW (e.g. root pass)
      • pipeRunner® can be used CW clockwise and CCW counter clockwise
      • Programming is simple
        • Software is already included and can work on any PC, heavy duty tablet is optional
        • Up to 11 different passes can be planned
        • Metric and Imperial units
      • Ergonomics
      • 4 handle aluminium space frame makes the pipeRunner simple to handle
      • Wire feeding unit can be installed opposite part of the frame as incorporated pedestal
    • Horizontal torch movement 65 mm (2.56 inch)
      Vertical torch movement 30 mm
      Oscillation width 0-60 mm (0-2.36 inch)
      Torch head inclination ± 25°
      Oscillation speed 0-350 cm/min (0-138 inch/min)
      Travel speed 0-1.6 m/min (0-63 inch/min)
      Wire diameter 1.0 - 1.6 mm
      Oscillation weld time Individually adjustable
      Weight 14 kg w/o spool
      Dimensions 480x400x260 mm (19x16x10 inch)
      Maximum wire feed speed 19 m/min (75 inch/min)
      Maximum welding current 300A/100% (CO2)
    • Remote controlf with all functions integrated:

      • Welding programs
      • Torch movements
      • Oscillation width
      • Wire speed
      • Travel speed
      • Testing functions
    • Made from special austenitic stainless steel for springs, rolled and pressed to reach the nominal diameter and the right circularity with the maximum precision, their lifetime is 2-3 times longer than conventional bands. The spring loaded stand offs and the closure leversystem, offer at the same time a secure placement and compensation of pipes ovalization.

      Böhler Welding pipeRunner® positioning bands are state of the art in terms of production technology and precision

      • High quality box for transport and storage
      • Air pressure screw for air transport

    pipeRunner® Set-Up

    The ideal match for the pipeRunner®: TERRA 400 PRM

    As a perfect complement of pipeRunner®, TERRA 400 PRM is the reliable and robust MIG/MAG and MMA inverter power source that guarantees quality and productivity.

    The TERRA 400 PRM pipeline version is a robust and reliable three phase new generation multiprocess inverter power source. In order to suit the needs for orbital pipeline welding and also perform root and hot pass by manual or semi-automatic welding the TERRA 400 PRM is equipped with a special display to manage all the welding processes and the special remote control RC 100 MP specifically designed for pipeline jobsites.

    Technical Data

    TERRA 400 PRM   
    Dimensions 620x240x460 mm Slow blow line fuse 30 A
    Weight 22,5 kg Open curcuit voltage 61Vdc
    Power Supply (50/60 HZ) 3x400V ±15% IP-Protection Rate IP23S
    Maximum Input Power 22,0 kVA Insulation Class H
    Maximum Input Current 31,5 A Power Supply Cable 4x4 mm2 - 5 m
    Efficiency 89% cosφ 0,99
    Powerfactor (P.F) 0,74 Adjustmentrange 3 - 400 A

    Duty Cycle (MIG/MAG -40°C)

    50% - 400A, 60% - 360A, 100% - 340A

    Duty Cycle (MIG/MAG -25°C)

    80% - 400A, 100% - 360A