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Welding Solutions for the Transportation and Storage of Gas and Liquid Hydrogen

13 February 2024 | 

In our newest Whitepaper our expert Nicola Faraone talks about the importance of hydrogen and its key part in the global energy transition. Learn more about the developments of voestalpine Böhler Welding and its comprehensive welding consumables portfolio to face the challenges in this new industry in the future.

Hydrogen is the answer to guarantee stable energy production for renewables.

In fact, hydrogen is well known as a fuel and a feedstock, but it is also projected to become the most popular energy carrier in an integrated cycle connected to the energy produced from renewable sources. For the reasons above, we will need pipelines and tankers for the hydrogen transportation, as well as tanks for the storage. Hydrogen transportation and storage can be in gaseous or liquid state. Each form brings challenges for the choice of materials used. voestalpine Böhler Welding is developing and proving a suitable welding consumables portfolio matching the requirements for this new industry challenge that will be part of our future.

By 2050, however, about five times the amount of hydrogen currently produced will be needed to achieve the climate targets.

Nicola Faraone, Expert for Welding Applications

Read more in our newest Whitepaper:

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