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Welding in Industrial Valve Construction: Challenges and Solutions

18 October 2023 | 

Welding plays a decisive role in the production of industrial valves for power plants and plant engineering. Very important for the function of the valves is the protection of surfaces against wear and corrosion by surfacing the protective layers. Read more about industrial valve construction in our new whitepaper by expert Felix Dezember and the challenges and solutions within this industry.

In order to protect the sealing surfaces in the valves and to prevent premature wear, there are several challenges to ensure a permanently tight closing of the valves. In our new whitepaper, expert Felix Dezember takes a closer look at these challenges and provides an overview of possible solutions. 

Felix Dezember, Mechanical Welding Engineer Böhler Welding UTP

If we systematically consider the challenges of welding valves, we can see that a number of points have to be taken into account in order to produce high-quality weld seams. A holistic view of the areas of materials science, welding and testing technology is essential.

Felix Dezember, Mechanical Welding Engineer Böhler Welding UTP

You want to know more? Check out the full whitepaper and learn more about welding in industrial valve construction:

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