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18 October 2021 | 

Because we care about your Health & Safety. We reduce the risk of exposure to Chromium VI (hexavalent Chromium) for all welders without loosing performance.

Because we care about your Health & Safety.

With our UTP ROBOTIC CHROMELESS 600 Metal-Cored Wires we reduce the risk of exposure to Chromium VI (hexavalent Chromium) for all welders – without losing the excellent welding performance of UTP maintenance welding consumables.

Our UTP ROBOTIC CHROMELESS 600 Metal-Cored Wires contain ZERO % of Chromium VI (hexavalent Chromium) and only 0,058 % of Chromium. Because we care about the welders’ health.

Did you know, that …

M&R products contain a high percentage of Chrome that potentially could have a high risk on the welders health? Chromium (VI) or hexavalent chromium is the hazardous form of chromium. It targets the respiratory system, liver, kidneys, skin, nose, eyes and is known to cause cancer and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

The European Directive 2017/2398 sets the occupational exposure limit (OEL) for the Cr(VI) to 0,025mg/m3 and after 5 years a decrease to 0,005mg/m3. More stringent requirements are already in place in specific countries as France and the USA.

Your benefits with UTP ROBOTIC CHROMELESS 600

  • Products that offer the highest level of protection in terms of Cr VI emissions
  • Wear loss 4 times better than standard 600 HB flux-cored wire
  • Improved abrasion resistant
  • Low defect rate
  • Increase arc time

Fume Emission Analysis: No Cr (VI) in welding fumes - Test conditions


Diameter: 1,2 mm
Wire speed: 7,6 m/min
Current: 251 A
Voltage: 29 V
Welding speed: 80 cm/min
Polarity: DC +
Shielding gas: 82% Ar     18% CO2

Looking for more Health protection?

Take a look at Böhler Air - our Powered Air-Purifying Respiratory (PAPR)-System that provides the welder with the best protection against particles and fumes related to welding and grinding applications.